Sunday, February 25

Ichi Ban Boshi Bondi Junction with Joyce & Ricky!

Note: Hectic hectic day yesterday...was out of the house from morning to evening....woke up with such a bad headache...and by the time I got home my headache just went 10x worse...arghhh stupid weather!!!

Fast tracked post: Dedicated to my dear (as in sister not other half)

Went out with sis and Ricky 2 days back (Friday) since mum and Jon had to go to Jon's school for the yearly CNY lion dance which was at until manage to persuade my mum to take my bro out for dinner and I went for dinner with my sis...was actually feeling kinda crappy that day as some of you might know so was basically not in the mood for anything lah...but it was really good going out with them because yeah I manage to bitch about my stuffs and yes I felt so much more better after me came back...Thanks sis

Dinner was at Ichiban Boshi in Bondi Junction...(well it was suppose to be there at first, then we decided to change to Sushi Tengoku but that was packed so we ended up in Ichiban again..hehe)...luckily manage to get a seat upstairs which was relatively empty (yes for those of you in Sydney, there are actually seats upstairs no need to sit downstairs one!)...I ordered me fav the one that they only cook 15 bowls of it a day...the Tonkatsu ramen (it is like the best of the best....the broth is cooked for so long that all the meat, tendon, cartilage and etc is all considered soup liao...just so rich and satisfying!) sis had the Shio Ramen (tambah god knows how many things that I forgot what she tambah!)....Ricky had the Hiyashi Chuka (cold noodle with ham and egg...super yummy esp with the addition of mayonaise and mustard....very very unique but well Tonkatsu ramen beats hiyashi chuka anytime for me!)..we also have some gyoza as side orders and the Calpis water..not sure whether that is in Msia or not...but it taste veyr like Vitagen....super yummy (product of Japan by the way although the indonesians also make it now...but Japan one much much better!!!)

So after a few shots (and some other shots which I was banned from posting online due to censorship problems), we then headed back home with a nice full tummy and a much relived Nicole...ahhhh food always makes me feel better....hehe

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