Tuesday, February 20

Jackson's On George Dinner

Note: One more experiment to go before I'm finally done with the damn manuscript that has been occupying my time like crazy....just one more but I can't even start because everything is not delivered!!! blast this ppl!!!!!

Backdated post to 8 Nov 2006

Dinner was at Jacksons On George with Heidi...came here a few times long long time ago...but decided to come back here again since we were in the city for dinner and couldn't really decide on what to eat...then since we parked at The Rocks the closest thing I could think of was Jacksons....and yes I remembered their yummy fish and chips..super crunchy...so yeh get to eat it again....Heidi that time was in her extreme meat diet mode so more red meat for her....lamb chops...hmmm I wonder when she comes back tmr from Penang whether she still in her red meat diet?????

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