Thursday, February 1

Last day in Malaysia Part 3: Alamanda and Root Beer Float!!!

Note: I'm desperately searching for international conference I can go to this year....I give up in searching for one that brings me to countries I want to go to (mainly those in Asia so I can go home)...and I refuse to go to the States (like for what shit??!!)...saw one in Canada and a few in Europe (should I or should I not??)

After our quick stop waiting for Denise & Jason to do their business, we then headed nearer to KLIA....but we still had a few hours to kill...and they said PutraJaya is really ok then let's go the shopping complex there called pretty small lah for a shopping complex (but what do you expect when PutraJaya itself is so small???)..and atleast we get to walk around in an air conditioned place!!!! and there are some interesting stuffs there...manage to get a pair of ear rings too!! ooh so dangling!!! hehe and some more was the same type that one of the actress was wearing in the Goong drama...haha good buy good buy....and that was the ONLY THING I GOT!!! hehe then we went around looking at stuffs..Mandy even got herself a blouse I think...right???

And I was so thirsty all this while since I think Pizza Hut really has a lot of we decided to go have a drink at A&W..yes I miss it that much!!! like come on men what taste better than a root beer float??? well apart from the root beer float with extra ice cream in it!!! yes that was what I had...YUMMY!!!!! no one does root beer like A&W...too bad they dun have it here..or I'll be going there all the time buying it!!! they do sell it in cans here but I dun like it as much because is way too gassy!!!! After spending some time here, we then decided is time for dinner (yes right after drinks).....this time we went be continued

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