Friday, February 2

Last day in Malaysia Part 4: Last of the Last But Definately Not The Lease

Note: Damn my stupid uni...they decided to finally re-enrol me (I put in the damn form in November!!!)...and because they finally decided to work, now my student card doesn't work..I curse my damn building that requires me to use my student ID to come in!!! got to go to the stupid security later in lower campus to renew my card so I can come in tmr (bloody hell waste me energy walking down..and not to mention I dread the walk back up!!!!!!(the stairs of hell!!!!!)

Finally after urmmm a few months of blogging about me 3 week back and Korea trip there is finally an end to it!!! Hoo Ray!!! Didn't think I would have completed the whole thing...haha but darn what me going to crap about next??? Like hmm what have I been doing since I've got back?????

Anyways back to this post first lah....after our super delicious ice cream float we then went around looking for a place for dinner...and it wasn't easy when we are trying to have dinner juse as about all the Muslims in the whole country is breaking fast (was the Ramadhan season)..yes huge mistake..everywhere was full, service was bad and worse everything comes so slow when you are trying to catch a flight!!!!!! But we did make full use of the clack...and the picture taking continues....I even had to call home to report to me mum and bro me going back (then my brother started talking dunno what shit..hai dun they know international calling is expensive??? but then again they missed me that much!) and all of these were caught on camera by the itchy finger cousin of mine!

Since Mandy came here before, we then left the ordering business for her...and she did a good job..she got us the seafood banquet which I just want to say was super delicious..better than most of the seafood places here in Aus....(really cross me heart) it ain't as fresh but the flavour and aroma was so yummy..I especially like their rice..dunno what is inside but it was so addictive!!! the oysters were yummy too...urmm same can't be said about the salad (what else is new?) and me didn't touch the bread...was busy focusing on the rice..hehe

After dinner, rushed all the way to KLIA where I bid farewell to me lovely cousins...and check in to go come back to Sydney...also caught up with Heidi in KLIA (she came from Penang) and from Penang she already booked my seat for me (NEXT TO HER!) met up with her and she then started reporting to me about her fortune telling thingy (and mine too!!) accurate!!! hmmm or is it?

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