Tuesday, February 27

Masthai Seafood Restaurant: I hope is the last time!!!!

Note: Urmmm is there such things as Tuesday blues??? *yawn* had to come in earlier to lab today because the brat has a swimming competition and needed to be at school by 7.45am....and it is such beautiful weather to sleep!!!!!!!

Backdated post (just found the picture in my mum's computer few days back)

Was trying to fix my mum's keyboard the other day (which reminds me does anyone know how to put back those stupid letters that comes out?? it keeps snapping itself out!!!!)..then I conveniently just went and look around her laptop see got any of me pics or not (you would never know what pictures might come out right?) and I found the above family pic...totally forgot about that pic because that day was the day I came back from Gold Coast after the conference and I just dumped everything at home without taking out my camera...so my mum was the photographer of the day..make that ONE PHOTO TAKING OF THE DAY...the other pigeon food pic I got from last time I was there (remember the freaking expensive dinner?!)

I seriusly have no idea why my parents like to come to this place....the place is called Masthai Seafood Restaurant located on King Georges Road at Beverly Hills (no resemblance watsoever to the Beverly Hills in USA...since the one in Sydney is filled with asians compared to gwailos)...anyways my parents damn love this place because of the pigeon and the lobster....and just ordering both of this is going to cost you atleast AUD 200 ok!!!! like do you know how many pigeons I can be eating (if I go to cheaper restaurant) or how many lobster I can be walloping (even an all you can eat buffet with lobster only would cost me AUD 30)...so yes I just tagged along before I get nagged at for not being family oriented (as tired as I was with one of the worst headaches after that stupid Virgin Airline flight..so bumpy and was sitted next to 2 not so this arse ppl)....and need I even get started on the parking for this place??? absolutely horrendous!!!! I was like walking for 5 minute from that lucky spot I found under the rain....yes is just not me day!!!! (after 4 months and I can still remember that night oh so clearly)

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