Friday, February 23

Me Lab Dinner @ Star Of Thailand

Note: I got my new student ID card!!! yeh......*clap hands*.....and I didn't even need to line up for it..unfortunately I found my old student ID card 1 hour later...*puke blood*

Backdated post to the 17th of Nov 2006

Finally I did up all the pics from my lab dinner...took me a while since I had so many pics on me hand....because not only me took pics ma another guy also was busy snapping pics away..Dinner was at Star Of Thailand Restaurant in Gladesville....recommended by my supervisor (and also paid for..muahaha)....we got the banquet because it was much much more easier compared to individually ordering it...and yes the food just came coming and the time they finish bringing in appertizer me was half way full already..haha the curry puffs was yum!!!!!!! seriusly yum...I didn't really like the satay a lot because the satay sauce was just not right...the spring rolls were good though...the mains were ok ok lah..nothing grand (and I would like to stress definately not THAI!!!!)

For dessert I got the green tea mousse cake from Bread nice...and so carpety looking...and it was super duper delicious yummy....Bread Top sells the best green tea cake men...haha....the cake was actually to celebrate 3 ppl bday which shockingly fell on the same day (Vsl, Mary and Fernando) many pics taken...and yes I was the one who did most of the work that is why you see me pic a lot there because I was sitted next to my boss!!! arghhhh...the dinner was also a farewell dinner for Roger (the bald headed guy) who was super nice guy lah (arghh miss him he used to do a lot of my work for me!!!) then also my boss PA many ppl time for me to leave of these days..Anyone want to offer me a job???

P/s: And also do you guys notice my boss's kids??? so bloody cute men....haha damn like them...small kids are always fun....until they grow up...

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