Monday, February 5

Me New Hair Do

Note: I'm so killing my brother when I get back home today...Sis told me his mobile phone bill came for the month January..and the amount AUD 420.40!!!!! WTF??!!!! definately can't tell my mum after how she scolded him for the December month where the bill was AUD 100 about me going to be broke!!!!!

Stuff all the other post me was thinking of putting up..Me come first...oh wait is me new hairdo that comes first!!! Been wanting to cut my hair for a while..getting too long already..and the perm was like definately going down...
And I was more happy this time because me favourite hair dresser came back from seriusly he is the best lah so far of everyone..never a bad hairdo moment...and he was so nice to even his gf came back to the saloon when she heard me and my sis going there to help out with the colouring...haha and he gave us discount..yes I'm so going back..haha...
But for those of you who want to go there the place is called Salon Riah On Liverpool Street next to Regal Restaurant...there are a few hair dressers there but the one I went for was Ray...I think the rest also not too bad from what I see when I was there..

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