Monday, February 26

Monday Blues........

You know is just going to be one of those weeks when

1) Is Monday and you wake up wondering did I just had a weekend??!!!!!

2) You come into the office after morning coffee and find out your new student ID doesn't work but your old one is still working fine after spending $11 bucks on a new one...

3) You sit down on the nice comfy chair and suddenly you feel that your whole body is aching just by looking at the amount of work piled up on your desk..

4) You realised that 1 coffee at 8am is not going to last you through the day....and another boost of coffee at 10am is not helping much either

5) You are doing your experiments and everything is not falling into place spend 2 hours setting up an experiment, 30 minute cleaning up some contamination due to one stupid broken tube...and 1 hour cursing a dot matrix printer for being stuck and making me wait another 1 hour for my results...(btw does anyone know who invented the dot matrix printer so I can go kill that person?)

6) You seem to be receiving lots of calls asking you so many things when you are piled up with work while no one calls you to do anything when you are dead bored waiting (esp when they are calling you when you are in your lab coat with gloves on...wasted 5 pairs of gloves just because I was about to start my work when someone called)

7) You go look at your left-over-the-weekend cells and wonder why is it that when you want something to grow fast they have to grow so slow...and when you don't need it so fast they decide to multiply faster than a blink of the eye???

8) You are calling some company half cursing under your breath and half scolding them for delaying your order which was suppose to have arrived last week...and because of them you had to go beg some other ppl for 12 pathetic bottle caps...

9) Is only 1.30pm and you are already cursing half the day away..........I just wish is Friday!!!!!!!!

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