Friday, February 9

Here & There Post

Note: I hate the damn toilets in my uni!!! I have an eternal war with the toilet paper inside..uni resorted to giving us cheap thin toilet paper..which is such a pain to try and use because everytime I try to tear it I get bits and pieces of it..usually no longer than 3cm!!! SO ANNOYING!!!!!!

Decided to put this pic up...why??? I have no idea why..looks like good shot what of me..haha..and to show you guys what is the 2 most famous decor I have at home...bro's soft toys....yes my brother loves his soft toys!!!! but no worries lah not gay lah...half the time he is using it as his punching bag or throwing them or wrestling them about...

Truthfully speaking I kinda like the sumo wrestler....hehe it is though kinda hamsap when you take out the pants...(and by the way I went and hide the pants already now my brother got to use one of his to cover the sumo wrestler private parts..muahaha).....I HATE THE ORANG UTAN!!!! is so gross lah...freaking bright orange with that horrible potruding navel..just gross dunno why my brother likes it!!! Look so cheap cheap cheap!!!!!

But most importantly, I LOVE MYSELF...haha ok that was with my new hairstyle but me kinda look sweet and innocent hor??? K-E-S-U-C-I-A-N eh cuz????

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