Tuesday, February 13

Posh Japanese Dinner @ Iku Izakaya

Note: My CNY cookies are a hit..haha I think I'm getting better at this....and fatter too...damn!

Last post of Melbourne since I only spend 2 nights there!!! Met up with Heidi at the conference. She waited for me while I presented my poster and after that we went out for dinner with some of the people from her centre (Kaz not shown in the pics and 2 french couples)...Since Juliana like japanese food and Heidi's supervisor is japanese, we then went for japanese food nearby (not really that near lah 15 minutes walk) at Iku Izakaya at Dorklands near the wharf.....super nice views lah got the water view and the restaurant was posh looking too....food there also super ex lah (but hehe Kaz and Francois had their hospital credit card so FREE DINNER!!!)

Me had this craving for noodles that day so I went for the Tan Tan Men (pork with spicy soup), Heidi went for the tempura, Francois had the mussels and shared with Juliana the yakitori platter (which was HUGE!!!!) and Kaz had the assorted sushi set and ordered the Ikayaki (squid) for all of us...that was by the way really delicious (cooked to perfection!)

After dinner, we then went to Crown Casino for I have no idea what..there Heidi and I then seperated from Kaz and the french couples and we went walking around...heard there was this short show going on at the main foyer so went to have a look...nice decorations but show was just boring lah...quite pathetic actually...so we left earlier (suppose to be 10 minute we got bored after 2 minute)...then went inside the casino...then dunno how got dragged by this ugly guy to sign up for the crown casino card (my 3rd by the way because I always lose the card after this)...haha so yeh 5 dollar to use on pokie machine....then the ugly guy started intoducing some more ugly guys to us who worked there and one of them bought us to the pokie machine and help us play (supposed expert...bugger only made me win 4 bucks!!!! like talk about waste of time)...but atleast we got free drinks from them (some packet orange drink which I hate but hey is free...)

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