Thursday, February 15

Palazzo Versace: Why can't conferences be held here?!

Note: *yawn* I'm so bloody sleepy!!! One cup of coffee is not enuff for me today..I think I need to get another one. But hmmm why am I so sleepy?? I slept at 11 yesterday and woke up at 7.30 today...why why why????

Super backdated post: The time when I was in Gold Coast

I know this is super backdated...but you know me super not efficient person at times..and all my pics are all jumbled yes this time I'm turning back the clock to the time when I was at Gold Coast in September last year for the AVBS (Australia Vascular Biology Society) conference....The conference was actually held at Sea World Nara Resort (trust me they should really take out the resort part since is just a 3 star hotel!)...conference was boring lah...but I kinda like the fact the conference was held at a hotel (gives me more of a reason to wake up late or walk out if the conference is dead boring....which truthfully speaking it was kind of!)...

It was a Saturday, and the conference was only held half I met up with Carl (he drove all the way up from Brisbane..hehe thanks Carl)...and we then went to fetch Chia Min (which Carl kept insisting I know...but I didn't!!! atleast now I know her...really fun person and very very friendly) 3 of us just went around Gold Coast which was good...had dinner at Surfer's Paradise, walk @ the beach and then finally went to Palazzo Versace for a nice cup of tea..why??? because Chia Min say is so posh and everything has the Versace logo stuck wooo sounds interesting...and the hotel is actually like 3 mins drive to mine!!! went there and sat at the lobby for tea and just walked around taking pics (P/s drinking tea/coffee there is not very expensive..only AUD 6.50 and is free refill..haha).. Chia Min was so right though..everything had the Versace from the water tap to the table stand, the lamps an even the cups!!!! (I checked the toilet bowl no logo though)....and for a hotel in Australia to be of this standard is seriusly quite a miracle (In Malaysia a lot lah since the hotels are like super wow at times)

So imagine my dissapointment of going to a 5 star hotel and straight after that going back to the hotel me staying at...hai just look at the diffrence men!!! sucks..and I so cannot stand the bed covers of me hotel!!! but hmmm 2 double bed for myself...haha yes that was kinda not kinda...very nice!!! hehe 3 nights here....ok lah not too bad lah...atleast everything is paid for and all I need to do is sleep and eat...muahahaha

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