Tuesday, February 6

Puppy Power!!!

Note: I finally decided that I wouldn't tell my mum about my brother's 400 bucks bill..why??? because she is still harping over the fact he ran a 100 bucks bill last month.....and he is still trying to pay her back...once she hears the 400 bucks I think she would just faint!!! Me gave me brother a big scolding already though...and my sister also scolded him..NO MORE ALLOWANCE FROM ME FOR 1 & A HALF YEAR!!!!

Reason why I put this post is because is the last pics I took before I went and have my hair cut...do I miss my old hair style?? hmm a bit lah but men my head really do feel so much more lighter!!! Anyways that day was the Australia Day Long Weekend so we all decided to have a BBQ at Edwin's place..been a while since we really met up...and they wanted to have a puppy meeting...yes usually ppl bring their babies to this sort of things..but they have the puppies there..and me??? haha the puppies were so cute so I just played with all of them..haha...

First of there is Kirin...I first saw Kirin a few weeks earlier at Kaka's place..talk about hyper!!!! he was jumping around and running around like nobody's business...but after that he was de-sexed so yes so much more quieter now..and so cute!!!!! haha...was quite good in the car I thought judging from the extremely FAR drive to Edwin's house at Homebush!!!

When we got to Edwin's house, we saw Bobo...super furry dog..but so small...and well the furs make him look so fat and walks so slow...which makes it like me..super lazy dog...but extremely extremely cute!!!! If I do get a dog (that is If I do move house), definately want to get something like Bobo..less stuffs to do..and need I say no need to bring dogout for walks???? I am after all master lazy bum!!!!

It took about a good 10 minute before Bobo got used to Kirin (after getting chased around and harrased for the entire time) but once they got used to each other they we oh so cute!!!! As for us, we were at Edwin's house at 3pm for the BBQ but we only started eating at 6pm!! smart Edwin!!!!!!!

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