Wednesday, February 21

Stupidity Of The Year

Note: During my CNY dinner few days back...2 people that came said that my brother looks like Alex Fong!!!! WHAT THE HELL??!!!! How can my brother look like that??!!!!! Talk about an insult to my Alex!!!!!! cis!!!! like look at the picture!!!! my Alex is so freaking gorgeous while my brother (ok lah better not insult so much) just cute only...not gorgeous!!!! What do you think???!!

One thing I really hate about where I work is the dreaded elevators.Serius if there is one thing I can destroy if given the power would be those so bloody slow!!!! and is not a very smooth ride up and down always a bump....since last week the uni decided to renovate the stairs in the building...(althoug the money should more be spent towards the lifts instead of some stairs that is bloody hell fine)

So yes they smartly close the stairs....which makes it 10x more annoying because to go up one floor now (which I usually just use the stairs I have to now use the bloody slow lifts!)...which is going to be 100x worse next week when uni starts and uni students come back...arghhh....the uni argue that there are 3 other stairs nearby which we can use...although those brainless idiots didn't know those stairs are totally useless

Stairs 1: Is in another bloody building!!! and my stupid building decided to cut off all connection between that building and my building and make card access to my building..which is quite hard to travel between floors now!

Stairs 2: To go to other floors but the one I need to go to is fine...the one I need to go to leads to a bloody construction zone so I can't even use that stairs even if it was an emergency!!!!

Stairs 3: Again to all to all other floors are fine except to the one I need to go to...because this stairs to the floor I need to go to comes out in a lecture hall!!! and I can't just barge into a lecture!!!

See how dumb the damn uni ppl are???? And why are they renovating the stairs in the first place?? THEY DECIDED THEY WANTED TO CHANGE THE RAILINGS!!! *bang head to the nearest wall*

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