Wednesday, February 14

Yum Cha @ Zilver with the family

Note: Happy Valentine's Day!!! Please all go to (my super lovely great cousin website)...haha and see all her hardwork there....thanks cuz super nice valentine day post!!!! all the Goong pictures are so damn nice..and my Shin is so damn freaking gorgeous..yes I'm in love all over please go get some sleep!!!!

I know I put up loads of yum cha post already...but seriusly dunno why my family like to go yum cha mah....Like I do like dim sum and I used to go once a week last time, but is seriusly coming to a point that I think is getting a little too pricey and well I hate standing in line this time atleast didn't need to line up since sis went earlier to do the job..and please also do notice the cute little sign my cousin velverse helped make me make...she's been telling me to label my pics before someone takes the pic..but then again I doubt anyone would take my pics..but hehe I like the label ma

Back to yum cha, just look at the amount of food we had!! This is what happens when my sis comes along for yum cha...this time we had it in Zilver...used to be called Silver Spring but then they renovated the place and rename it...much better looking (well it is kinda dark)...service still sucks lah but atleast the food is much better (they used to have this buffet yum cha but now they took it away) me I still think Kam Fook is better lah....

P/s and yes while eating my sister pointed out her leng chai which was sitted like next to our table..a little too beng for me sorry not me cup of tea....had to ask my brother to pose a bit so it wouldn't look too obvious me taking the supposed leng chai photo..hehe

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