Sunday, March 4

Can Someone Please Help Me!!!

Note: After a hectic day is going to be bumming day!!!!!

Yesterday I made tiramisu for my supervisor's bday....I made 2 just to finish all the barang I had at my house...manage to make a small one and a big one...Now I'm in a bloody dillemma of which one to bring tmr!!!

Option 1: Bring the big one...but there is only 11 people in my office...if I bring such a big one...what if everyone cannot finish it??!!! then it would be wasted right??!!!! not to mention tiramisu is best eaten cold and we do have to finish it ASAP

Option 2: Bring the small one....but how can I expect 11 ppl to share this?? but sure would be finished what...and if ppl want more??? atleast it shows that the cake was so delicious that no one can have anymore...:P

So how ah now?!!!!!

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