Monday, March 26

The Change In Me Appearance

Note: News in Australia is just bloody bias...they have been reporting about the woman relay team gold medal over and over again (even to the point of playing the whole entire segment!) while poor Grant Hackett bronze medal just deserved a mention and no playbacks (he got beated by a 17 yo korean boy) Bloody BIAS! I wanted to watch it!!!

Had a new picture taken for my going to be expired driving license....and I looked at my old driving license and WOW DID I LOOK LIKE THAT LAST TIME?!!! hehe...actually when I took the picture last time I did think it was pretty good....but wow I guess I did change a bit over the years....although I have to say I'm not at all bloody satisfied with my current driver license pic...but that big fat blob of a man refuse to let me see it to change it..he was like no cannot change if I dun look good....Idiot big fat man!!! What do you think of me pic?????

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