Friday, March 16

Christmas: Let's Party!!! Part 1

Note: Finally Friday!!! I'm like exhausted to the max max max...I think this weekend is going to be a good plans...just going to do absolutely nothing...and dog sit Kirin for the a protocol list from talk about long!!!!!!!!

Christmas Party @ My House

Backdated post to 24th of Dec '06

Hmmm yes I can finally come to the christmas eve party I had during duh christmas mum and the brat has gone back to msia and was in India/Nepal..and I'm all home alone because my sis was also spending it with Ricky hmmmm time to party!!!! so invited all the gals from my uni time....and wah surprisingly all of them came..hehe...yes we had hiao ma, kaka, deasy, amelia, lindsey and Cecilia....wah luckily my house can fit!!!! and yes lots of picture night took more than a hundred going to break this day up to a few parts because there are just too many pics!!!...

So first up for this part would be of course GROUP PHOTO!!!! haha we had fun posing...thank god for timer on camera....decided to do a few stupid poses too all together..we had the serius pose..although hiao ma went and smile there...cis!!! but men look so dead eh??? then we had the absolutely fun fun one..and of course the normal one..hmmm which one better???? I think the one where we all tried to act cute is kinda good (well it has to be if amelia and cecilia went and put that up as their friendster picture for a while...YES I NOTICED!!!!you can't hide it from me!)

What's in part 2??? FOOD!!! Next stop.......

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