Saturday, March 17

Christmas: Let's Party!!! Part 2

Note: It is the weekend!!! 12.14am.....back to my usual stay up late on friday and saturday night....and men doesn't it feel good to act young again and stay up late...and not be so old and sleep at 11 and wake up 7...yes any idiots which wakes me up before 10am tmr is getting it from me (oh wait what time am I suppose to go out with Joyce??damn!)

Christmas Party @ My House

Continuition from Part 1

So what was on the menu for Christmas dinner? Turkey of course!!! yes I took away the virginity of my Jamie Oliver cookbook I got for me bday, and tried roast turkey dish with home made in all my years celebrating christmas, I've always bought the making my own stuffing this year was just great!!! I did wanted to buy it but the choices they have here just didn't sound the stuffing I made was using turkey minced meat, apricot and bacon...and boy talk about fun stuffing the ass of the turkey up...haha and even popped an orange in it for extra make the veggies (for those who can't live with meat only) I just dumped all the veggie with the turkey and roasted them together....ahhhhhh and the turkey just came out beautifully...yummmmm...

The only problem we encountered with the turkey was..urmmm none of us know how to carve a turkey!!! usually my daddy does it!!! so ok maybe I'm not the right person to be doing this..let's just pass the job to Kaka...and if anything bad happens..IS HER FAULT!!! haha ok lah she is not an expert too..but hey atleast we managed to get nice thick slices of the turkey and didn't end up having to be barbarians and just tear the whole turkey!!!! we atleast acted feminine!!!

Other food/condiments on the table included coleslaw, garlic bread, herb bread, cold meats, sausage and cheese, some cute tartlets filled with bacon and cream, cheese and crackers (due to the abundance of free cheese at my house thanks to Joyce) and a simple dessert because I just knew everyone would be full by the time we came to dessert...we are after all females!!!!!

And if you think that was the only food we had.......continue on to Part 3

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