Tuesday, March 20

Christmas: Let's Party!!! Part 3

Note: If ever I get a dog, it has to be lazier than me!!!!! I can't stand walking a dog 3 times a day..and worse I can't wake up that early in the morning during weekends!!!!!!

Christmas Party @ My House

Continuition from Part 1 & Part 2

This was what Lindsey brought to my house..the most cutest and edible ginger bread house!! so cute..and it was decorated with like so many candies and sweets I swear to god not only us liked it but after we were done with it...less than 24 hours the ants were getting to it!!!! it was just awesome and cute..and when you put girls with sweets, yes we changed from girls to pigs!!! :D like come on...we even toppled the gingerbread house over to get the sweets inside the house!!! we were getting impatient!!!

And what is Christmas without alcohol?!! yes Christmas would not be the same if alcohol is not present...and since we girls are civilised ppl and high class ppl, we had oh so yummy tasting wine...yes we had mainly dessert wine because is sweet like all of us girls!!! and oooo i got the privelage to drink the wine straight from the bottle...a bit uncivilised....but no worries lah as the night progress on, we changed taste a bit to a bit more hard liquor..but that would be better left for another post (maybe I should call that the post that no parents should see)....next post "WHERE IS MY PRESENT??!!!!"to be continued

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