Thursday, March 22

Christmas: Let's Party!!! Part 4

Note: Had such a bad headache yesterday from the stupid fire alarm beeping because of low battery..couldn't take off the battery..had to call security to help...they said they will come in 10 minute but took more like an hour!! and worse they walked into my cleanly mopped house (by me) WITH THEIR SHOES!!! IDIOTS!!!

Christmas Party @ My House

Continuition from Part 3

Yeh presents opening time finally!!! Christmas ain't christmas without the presents..ever since me little girl present opening time is always ze best!!!! so what did I get last Christmas?? Well to decide we all had to draw numbers and the one who got the first numbers get the corresponding numbered presents...

So first up, Kaka got a small cute lamp..Deasy came after that and she got a gym ball (yes pheww luckily I didn't get that!), Amelia got a cute little perfume with spray (the ball types), Lindsey got a body pamper set, Heidi who was so impatient opened her present so quickly before I could take a pic of her opening it (yes she was ripping)..she got a nice pedicure set (hehe that was what I got for her), Cecilia got a pair of cute earrings..and what did me get?? a pillow case with a cute little cartoon on top (darn if only it came with the female part...then I could really use it as a cute!!!!)

After getting the most important part of Christmas settled, we then continued on to some exercise......OF TWISTER!!! continuition to Part 4 for our incredibly versatile and elastic bodies!!

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