Friday, March 23

Christmas: Let's Party!!! Part 5

Note: I'm seriusly at a big war with some stupid b**** in my lab...urghhh freaking hell is either she really doesn't understand english or she is just plain dumb!!! and just because I'm the lab coordinator this month, she is sure going to get fired by me during the lab meeting next week...hate it when someone thinks just because you finish a PHD you are bloody above everyone else!!! especially the way they talk to ppl...urghhhh

Christmas Party @ My House

Continuition from Part 4

After the present opening ceremony, we continued on to a game of twister...yes the game of butt smelling, loads of stretching and weird poses..haha I think the best one came from deasy..It was huge fun...and pain....but all is good!!! forgot how long we played for because we did play a few rounds.....but I was more looking forward to the next part...yes the part where I told everyone to stay over and slumber at my place because no one should be fit to drive home after that...what me talking about?? A.L.C.O.H.O.L.

to be continued because I've got work lah!!!

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