Saturday, March 24

Christmas: Let's Party!!! Part 6 (the finale)

Note: late night out today....cecilia bday celebration....had the cake...I'm so sleepy now though....and hungry after reading my dear cousin velverse blog about her top 5 food...thanks for doing the tag!!!

Christmas Party @ My House

Continuition from Part 5

The best part of the night would of course have to be the part where ALCOHOL is you guys are wrong me no angel....but mmmm ALCOHOL!!! haha....unfortunately Kaka and Deasy had to go to another person ended up only me, heidi, cecilia, lindsey and amelia...and since amelia can't drink alcohol due to allergies...only 4 of us were left to battle it out....the clear winner of the night I think I will safely say is me lah because I only needed to drink ONCE!!! (but no worries lah I did feel thirsty a lot so willingly drank also lah)...Heidi and Lindsey also drank a few times...but not as much as our dear old Cecilia....who I'm sure had to drink more than 4 just that I started feeling tired taking pics of her only drinking..muahhaha....but it was fun!!! I love mixing drinks at times....although the ones Heidi make was BAD!! (the amount of lemon inside is so freaking sour!!!!!!)

Luckily it was a slumber so everyone stayed the night...slept a few hours before waking up and having Lindsey (our only practising chiropractor friend) doing adjustments on us...and also telling us on some of our problems...arghhhhh i didn't know me got that many probs men!!!!! hope it can be fixed!!!!

In summary: Super nice Christmas Party...thanks for coming gals!!! hope everyone had fun!!!!

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