Wednesday, March 28

I hate my work!!!!

Note: I'm sleepy!!!!! But I think my cells are more sleepy!! they are taking freaking long to grow!!!!!!

Not going to be a long post today..need to do so much work!!!! and worse is a lot of those looking at genes stuffs...I HATE THAT PART OF MY WORK THE MOST!!!! Like just look below and you would understand..I have to spend so much time just looking at those "protein sequence"...yes is just basically around 20 alphabets to look at...each representing a far I'm looking at around an average of 300 protein a species!! (and I still have to look at the human, mouse, rat, and god knows what else species are there...urghhh)...and I haven't even get started on the nucleotide yet (each protein is made out of 3 yes do the maths!!!)

And why me doing this?? because I'm suppose to consolidate this whole project results together..that is like 3-5 ppl project with half of them vanished into one powerpoint presentation...and write a review...the presentation itself is going nowhere..and the review?? WHAT REVIEW?!!! ARGHHHHHHHH

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