Tuesday, March 27

I like P.U.R.P.L.E

Note: You know your housewife chafeurring job just went up another level when not only do you have to fetch your mum and your brother in the morning....but you end up having to fetch your brother's friend as well!!!!

I know yesterday and today post a bit full on me...but hey can't help it if so many things happening right with me?! !! so this time decided to go colour my hair...why?? backside itchy loh as usual...but I didn't cut lah because was thinking I'll do all the major cutting and styling right before my holiday in June for maximum hiao....agree leh???

The hair colour didn't come out as I wanted....yeah is a bit purple..under very bright light...look more red to me though..and worse the colour seem to be coming out a lot when i shower so yes let's pray this last!!! so just to give it a more purple effect, I took picture in front of a purple wall..smart leh??? (ok ok it was just in my bedroom that is why I'm in my pajamas and my hair is not combed!) so no complains!

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