Wednesday, March 14

If I Can Only Measure The Amount Of Grease

Note: Yesterday has got to be like the most torturous day ever!!! Had to reread the stupid paper before submission another 2 more times!!! My head is really going bonkus from the reading and scrutinising every sentence....and after sending the paper my boss is asking me to try for another 2 paper already like that..what lah another 2??? HOW TO FIND TIME TO LOOK FOR HUBBIE SO I CAN QUIT?!

Backdated post to 21 Dec 06

The only memory I have of this dinner was HOW LATE THE DINNER WAS!!!! dinner was booked for 8.30pm because Edwin only finished work at ok ok dinner was expected to be late..but Edwin decided to come at 9pm!!!! yes 9pm!!! and the worst part was he fetched Kaka and Deasy so made all 3 of them late..and heidi and me on time.....and Heidi and me are like early dinner eaters ok...we usually have dinner around 6...the fact that we had to wait till 8.30pm for dinner was big big sacrifice..and worst wait till 9pm to eat!!! arghhhh reason why you see only heidi and my picture..1) because we were bored waiting for the rest and 2) because once the food came after quickly taking picture we gobbled it down immediately!!!!

Edwin was very lucky that day though..because he saved the day by bringing 2 bottle of wine...yummy ones too...heard it was quite expensive (well who call him work in liquor store?? haha meaning he has to supply the alcohol!)...and yeh Edwin say he is paying for ok the one paying can have the honour of doing the ordering...woo hoo....and men did he order A LOT!!!!

So what dose Cafe Moretti at Leichardt have??? well let's just say is as typical as all the other italian restaurants in leichardt!!! they all have almost the same menu....just cafe Moretti is just along Norton Street near Coles and not inside the Italian Forum....but then again the italian restaurants inside the italian forum is nothing great....oh wait greatly OVERPRICED only that what we ordered??? We got the zuchinni bread (which I nicely passed the zuchinni to forgot who..hehe..the bread was good though), the grilled fish was yum (I seriusly not a fan of fish but this fish was seriusly good!), pasta (not too bad too) and we ordered 2 pizza (the meatiest one we can full of ham and another some italian sausage pizza) absolutely yummy..and wait how come there was a 3rd pizza??? because they wrongly made a pizza for us haha and decided to give us the wrongly made one for free!! (potato and tomato pizza)....all free things taste how would I rate the food??? yummy because is free (Edwin paying ma)...but seriusly I won't come here again..the food are like super super greasy (they were exteremely generous with the oil)...not that I have anything against oily food but I was like wiping my mouth non stop with the serviette because of the amount of OIL DRIPPING DOWN WHEN ME EATING!!! just made me felt a bit "blek"..and eating such greasy food at 10pm seriusly won't give you enuff time to digest the food before you yes that night I had such a hard time sleeping due to indigestion....hai.....

p/s notice that the cafe also have a pic of the recent FIFA World Cup winner?? hehe GO THE AZZURIS!!!

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