Tuesday, March 13

I'm So Over My Own Paper

Note: WARNING Nicole is in her irritable, grouchy, cranky and "dun you dare piss me off" mood!!!!

Is it just me or is this week just plain horrible??!!

Started after shopping day out with Joyce on Sunday....hmmm after that dunno why just felt so "blek"...wait maybe that was because after a relaxing day out I had to come home do my presentation slides for the next day.....and so busy and my mum is nagging at me make mango pudding...dunno why suddenly she wants me to make for...on the week when I'm like so tired and busy!!! (and she went to buy a whole box of mangoes!!!) arghhh

Yesterday was the worst!!!! night cannot sleep due to god knows what reason.....feeling like crap in the morning.....presentation went alrite..but due to the big mouth of the smart old me..suddenly I had like a high priority experiment which usually takes me 3 days to do....to be completed in one day!!!! FFFFFFFF...sorry but I'm seriusly kinda pissed men..like if you want me to do such a big experiment, you would have expected me to be excused from the long draggy meeting??? and the hardest part of it was rushing the experiment and the second me free I have to run to my boss office to sit down and discuss the paper to be submitted today....damn the paper which have successfully drained all my energy, ruined 30% of my social life and 80% of my free time to chill...

After running around for 3/4 of the day yesterday and finally having the time to sit down, turn on computer and return my god knows how many missed calls...found out my mum had visitors at home (WHAT?! VISITORS?? WHY WASN'T I INFORMED?MY ROOM IS LIKE A WAR ZONE!) oh wait that was right...I should have guessed from the fact that she asked me to do mango pudding suddenly out of the blue!!! damn!!!! too bad lah yar me was too busy to do it...come to think of it shit the mangoes are nicely ripening in the fridge now...stuff it!!!

Before I went home yesterday, my boss pass me the final draft paper to read..yes a freaking thick bunch of it which I already went through over the weekend...and now I have to do it all over again in less than 24 hours!!! arghhh MY BRAIN IS NOT FUNCTIONING ALREADY!! (all thanks to stupid cannot sleep syndrome!)....there goes my supposed free time...damn and I'm in the middle of a drama...urghhhh...

*yawn* today had to wake up early to send mum to bus stop..me have to drive to work today...and park at like the uni car park...damn don't they know if you have 5 floors is about time to build something called ELEVATOR??!! so dreading later when I have to climb up!!!

And need I even get started on the fact that I'm getting my monthly annoyance??!! together with my weekday annoyance in the lab...maybe that is why I finished my stash of panadol!!!!

Ok better get back to work now....arghhhhhh...is not even 9 yet....How am I going to go through the rest of today let alone rest of the week???!!!!!!

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