Monday, March 19

It Is Afterall ALL ABOUT ME!

Note: I think my cursing vocabulary is on an uphill motion..I'm seriusly going to start a war with someone from my lab hard is to understand pure simple english..i wrote on a booking book, book time between these times to these times only...and she doesn't want to..and worse when confronted she just ignored me!! B.I.T.C.H!!!!! wait till later she has to come to me to ask for radiation license (I know she needs one soon)..I'm so ignoring her and making sure her badge takes a year to arrive!!! MUAHAHAHA

Got this new photo album yesterday!!!! Been wanting to get one since like so so long....and why??? dunno ah I think it just looks kinda cute...dun you think so??? like outside can put any pictures I want on top, front and back...and inside....10 sets blocks that can hold 20 pics!!! it is like my god a whole box all about me, me and me!!!! haha...yes a full on about me picture box...and I so like the white colour...I've been trying to look for the same thing on ebay and it only has in the end just bought this one from the photo shop.....the white colour is just so nice!!! and it fits my room deco...the prob is now finding a place to put it where I can see it all the time!!!

So what pic have I put in it ever since I got it less than 24 hours ago...haha....for those who come to my house to see!!! but on top I just put my picture lah....hehe well is all about me!!! and the front and back...put my sis photo...(i'm just so sweet), my brother (well he is kinda cute), my great cousins (like they are my best best cousins...muaks!!!!) and the other one was with Kaka because I think we look cute in the japanese yutaka...hehe...dun you think so??? and block has been used for japan pics, another block for my old pics, then 2 blocks for korea (one with pictures of just myself and the other one with Heidi), then I dedicated one block to my great cousins, one block for all my good friends back in PJ (you know who you are), one block just for me, myself and I and the others blocks has been left empty...TO KEEP SPACE FOR ME GOING to Hong Kong, Bangkok and KL this June!!! haha I'm well prepared here ok!!!!can't wait for more picture taking!!!!!!

p/s the pic me showing up there one was taken when I was skiing in year 2000 and the other pic was during my last trip back to Msia...did I change much???

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