Tuesday, March 6

Japan Awesome City Life

Note: Woo my tiramisu was a success...I finally brought the big one to the lab...and is all gone...muahahahaha

I'm telling you guys if ever me retire or go for any holidays, I NEED CITY LIFE...I dunno why but I'm definately not the type of person to go relax at a beach or go to the mountain sort of things..I need noise noise and noise...and city life was what I got when me was in Japan....be it in Tokyo or Osaka...I think if I ever go and stay in Japan those 2 places is where I would stay....just so nice

See how nice Osaka is..the lights, the food, the shopping.....arghh i wish I was back there....seriusly if you guys visit Osaka must definately visit the Ebisubashi and the Dotonbori....like the shopping and the food...my god is like so many different varieties...my mouth was like watering like hell...I so wish I was back there!!!!!

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