Thursday, March 1

Japanese Food Part 1

Note: Me experiment didn't work!!! so depressing....ah well guess now I have to repeat it and come in over the weekend...I need a life...hai so depressing!!! wait I think is called I need alcohol now!!!!!! P/s I'm not a drunkard

After posting up yesterday post about Zowa brought back fond memories of my time in Japan and all the good food I ate there you are the omurice we had when we were at Japan...can't remember the name of the place lah now so long liao..but I do remember it was in a shopping complex in Osaka...haha it tasted so good after our long long walk....

Another fond memory of the food I had was the that was like so freaking yummy...and it was not because I was hungry or anything but that was like the most stuffed jap pancake I ever had....I still remembered the smell of it being cooked was so powerful till you could smell it from far away....a bit of tonkatsu sauce on top just made it all the more heavenly!!! I still remembered how Kaka and I were like so fascinated with their decor in the place...This was in the old region of Kyoto and haha we were like men the cute hanging dolls with hair..haha so absolutely hamsap!!! and by the way we were at the old region of Kyoto to look for geisha too that time (prob is we couldn't see any..I guess they know a lot of tourist like me are interested in them..but wah do you know how expensive it is to go have dinner with geisha around??? too bad me so poor)

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