Friday, March 2

Japanese Food Part 2

Note: Sleepy doesn't even begin to describe my feelings today...couldn't sleep last night due to the coffee/tea I had for dinner...and when I finally managed to sleep I had like one of the worst nitemare EVER!!! and if you think a bad nitemare is bad, in the middle of the night there was a bunch of idiotic drunkards gwailo downstairs my house fighting and cursing at the top of their lungs (seriusly in every 5 words that came out of their mouth...there got to be atleast 1 F***er word) had half the mind of cursing back at them...but I was just too tired!!!! and i woke up at 6.30 too today due to stupid brother having to go to school early!!! One cup of coffee already today....a few more to gooooooooooo

Continuition from Part 1

Yes I'm trying to make all of you guys feel hungry!!! haha luckily I just had my breakfast first stop for this part would be the best invention of japanese food so far..RAMEN and more RAMEN...yes Kaka and I lived on ramen a lot when we were at duh who wouldn't??? whether it is in a small tuck away shop that you buy your ramen via ordering through a machine, in the train station or better still one of those hawker style ramen shop you see on TV, all the ramen taste good!!!! there is the shio ramen, tonkatsu ramen, miso ramen, katsu ramen and just taste bloody good...for breakfast, lunch and dinner....I just couldn't get enough of it....and I'm still eating ramen whenever I can over here...ahhhhhhh

Apart from the indulging ourselves to some of japanese expensive food such as the kobe beef, we also forced ourself to search high and low of where can we eat whale meat!!!! yes since there was so much protest about whaling (esp from the australians) kaka and I decided whale is something we have have have to eat!!! and eat was what we did....we had the whale sashimi (super nice i tell you but the meat looked super red too)..and how can we bypass whale BBQ???? oh men that was so good...hmmm now if only we could have found where they sold whale burgers!! but looking for this place was hard enough!!!! We were like just approached our victim in this small cafe we were at...he couldn't speak english and we couldn't speak jap...but with pointing fingers and a dictionary we manage to get directions to this whale shop...we were absolutely heroic!!!!! So to whaling Nicole say YES!!!!!Just sue me!
So yes that was basically all the food we had around...we of course had those snacks and titbits...which most of them were from something called free sampling!! so delicious but cannot take pic lah...take so much free samples how to take pic wo.....but we did have this really yummy japanese green tea mousse with red bean...absolutely refreshing...forgot where we had it of those shopping complex in Kyoto if I'm not mistaken....and we also had this really yummy gluey thing which I have seriusly no idea what it is called...but for now I will call it jumbo mochi....super yumm me....the covering was just so snowy and so cooling...inside was cream, custard with a tiny little hint of strawberry....we got those in the train station before boarding out bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto....I can tell you if I ever stay in Japan I'm so going to grow fat fat and fat!! Oh by the way sorry to have to take the pic of the jumbo mochi after we bite it...but I just had to show you what is inside!! NOT!!!!

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