Saturday, March 10

Lab Christmas Lunch @ Boss House

Note: You know you just created the biggest mistake of your life when your boss have your mobile boss sms me at 8am today to read my email...bloody hell...I ignore go back to sleep...but kena pulak at 10am....damn I'm telling you never ever give number to boss!!

Backdated event to 23rd Dec 2006...

Woo hoo last picture set of my lab....because it was the last time we were together out of the lab mah...this time was at my boss house somewhere up north sydney..for those of you who know me this was one of those days that I seriusly want to forget...why??? hai it was just too scarring!!! not that there was anything wrong with the party just behind the scenes thingy...I dunno bitch about it to how many people already...and not to mention how my reputation went down a very steep hill...urghhhhh

The day started out ok..with all of us going back to the lab for a general lab cleanup..after that I went home to get the food (forgot to take picture but I made tteokpokki) bought a big box of it too...(luckily bought back an empty box)...anyways then I left the house and shit I realised I left my mobile phone (both of them) in the lab!!! no!!!! so had to go back to the lab first because driving to my boss house...which made me around 45 minutes late..which was ok lah atleast no one started eating yet...but Ning was waiting for me outside the whole time...and then we both went in my boss house together..AND OMFG!!! I can tell you that was like the HUGEST MISTAKE ever...I could blooody hell see everyone grinning and thinking we are a couple!!! yes that was when I realised how my face has just dropped all the way down to hell....urghhhhhhhh

So anyways the day progressed on with loads of food..quite funny seeing my boss cooking..and his son just running around with a small bloody cute!!! next time when I have my kids I'm so getting them a matching small apron..haha...because it was also double demerit week I just had one bottle of vodka cruiser point in getting myself into trouble lah...and yes in the afternoon also need to jaga jaga random breath testing because the police here are that cheap!! (like the police here like to have RBT in the afternoon at 4pm or early in morning at 7am...stupid!)...the food was pretty good..loads of meat....desserts was even better..Jeff (the new PHD student in my lab...or going to be but he still came) made this cute little profiteroles with custard inside...qutie yummy apart from the super sour strawberries...and my boss wife bought this thing which I forgot what it was called in italian but the english name is tiramisu bread...really really yummy....should have asked her where she got it from....damn

The day then ended finally with all of us going back....yes I was like around the last person to leave along with Jeff and Ning...urghh..anyways some things happen during my trip home which I seriusly need to forget....but all in all good food day..gave me loads of things to bitch about....oh and I didn't take much photos on that day...hehe apparantly Jeff seems to be more of a picture taker than yeah most of the pics there are from his camera..

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