Thursday, March 8

One of the Most Important Thing During Holiday

Note: I forgot to bring my computer charger to work yes short post before my laptop battery go die off on me...haha rush rush seriusly so stupid men and clumsy...yesterday and today is just not a good day.....

So what is one of the most important thing during holiday??? SLEEPING!!! yes for me I dun care what hotel I stay at, as long as the hotel is clean and the bed is comfy I'm ALRIGHT!!! and yes that was what I did for Japan....the travel agency gave us such nice comfy japanese style accomodation...the one at Tokyo which we stayed for like 3 nights was just super nice..I really like the design in it...but it is pretty cramp...but in Tokyo consider quite good loh....better than sleeping in a cramp place...hehe..the place in Kyoto was also quite good..the old man there was just super nice...treat us drink wine...gave us tickets to festival...super nice man..and the place was so huge...I damn like..traditional places are the best!!!! dun you think so???

Next stop would be HK and Bangkok!!! haha hotel all ready...can't wait!!!


kaka said...

I think the old man at Kyoto was into you thats why treat us nicely!Thanks to u!haha

Nicole Tan said...

ai ya after god knows how many years i wrote this post you write comment...and what old man into me?! he was into you!!! you looked more hamsap! haha