Thursday, March 15

Onwards to Coogee for dinner

Note: Good luck to the brat today who is taking his selective school exam....Hope he does well and can get into a good high school...(or sure my parents would put him into private school which would cost more than my 26 years of education plus together!)

Backdated post to 19 Nov 06

Promise last post for November liao..hehe hmm just realised I do take loads of pics...Anyways the pics here were taken in of those Saturday we decided to go out for lunch....we had yum char in the city..then after that god knows how we spent our time and ended up in Coogee for dinner....infact I seriusly can't remember....haha suddenly only like that ended up in Coogee....

Dinner was at a cafe near the beach...those italian style lah...I just realised how expensive the food are around here gosh is bloody over priced...I guess that is what happens when you are near the we went into the least crowded shop....and the one that looks not too ex....and we got some pasta and pizza...I had this sudden craving for seafood pizza (I think being near the water has something to do with this) some herb bread too...and boy now I'm seriusly seriusly stuffed!!!!

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