Friday, March 30

Snowy Mountain Part 1: The drive there

Note: Is just 9am and I'm already feeling super depressed. My boss came back to me this morning telling me my paper got rejected for this journal..I so want to kill the reviewers now...but since I can't, I CURSE YOU TWO TO HAVE DIARRHOEA FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR!!!!!! HATE YOU!!!!!!!

Backdated post to 26th Dec 2006

Finally get to blog about our Thredbo trip...woo anyways Thredbo is this small little skiing town at Snowy Mountain...but wait!! Did I say skiing?? cancel that...we are going in the middle of summer!!! and nope no snow...but why in the world we going to skiing town in the middle of summer?? hmm maybe because we know is going to be a hot hot summer...and smart ppl like us go high high up to the coolest place we can find to get away from the hot hot leh???

The drive took us about 6 and a half hour....I've never got so sick of driving so much before...but it was fun....the country side was good...driving with loads of nice music....seeing the corpse of kangaroo and wombats around (I think we saw about 3 on the way there)....we had to stop at Kiama for lunch because I am hungry!!! quite a lot of ppl though...we had lunch in a tiny little cafe which was jam packed with ppl (a sign that we choose the right place).....and both of us had the hot dog with the lots and a mocha (I need coffee to keep me awake!)...the hot dog?!! YUMMMMMM...just look at the egg...I love egg that is like half cooked...the juice of the yolk absolutely heavenly...mmmmmmmm

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