Saturday, March 31

Snowy Mountain Part 2: 3 course dinner!!!!

Note: I think I might have hurt my wrist a bit over the damn pain!! have to type with a bandage on and is so hard!!!!

After a nice long drive for 6 hours up to Thredbo....we finally arrive and boy wasn't it a good feeling.....first thing we did, check into our hotel and confirm our massage booking...good package we had hotel, dinner, massage and ski lift massage here me come!!!!!

After the massage, we then got ready for our 3 course dinner..we actually get to make a choice!!! haha we could choose the entree, main and a dessert....wah.....and when you put 2 cheapos together....the decision ain't so hard..just take all the expensive ones!!! haha smart leh?? less choice to make....

For entree we had the crispy duck with glass noodle, orange and shallot salad top with sweet and sour dressing & confit pork belly with flash-fried cuttlefish, preserved lemon, sugar snaps and candied chilli salad....both were absolutely delicious but I really like the duck...didn't taste like duck but the crispiness is was just amazing...

For main we got the chermoula lamb backstrap with watercress, capsicum, corriander and saffron salsa & pan-fried beef eye fillet with thyme polenta, roasted garlic, asparagus, tomato marmalade and pan juice. Both the mains couldn't beat the entree but still still quite yummy....the size was just right...

The best part is of course the dessert...we got the 70% chocalate mousse with frozen mocha shaving and rose water good!! the chocalate was amazing!!!! the other dessert we got was the creme brulee with three berry coulis and white chocalate shavings...the three berry coulis was mango, apricot and strawberry....i felt it was more jam then anything else..but the creme brulee is still yum...anything with a nice sugar is ze best...too bad they gave such small cup of creme brulee...darn..

After our extreme dinner (which we totally clean the plate to make it more worth while), we went back to the hotel and just sleep!!! driving is tiring!!!! looking forward to the next be continued

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