Friday, March 9

Sushi Suma: For once we didn't need to wait!!!

Note: Stupid internet connection in uni today...came in early so I can blog a little..but cannot..but never can blog...hehe yeh IS FRIDAY!!!!

Decided to do a bit food blogging so long no food ok!!! and well I do feel kinda hungry now..hehe oops...although food blogging at this time make me 10x more hungry...grrrrrr

Oops back to the post (desperately trying to wipe away my drool), dinner this time was at Sushi Suma...hate this place at time..always so pack..and truthfully speaking making a booking to come to this place is like crap still bloody hell have to wait..but no worries this time was all good..we went in straight and there was not many ppl there...see what happens if we have early dinner (as in 6pm!)...Sushi Suma for those of you in Sydney is located along Cleveland St quite near Coles (so yes for those cheapos out there go park at free!!!!)..and why come here??? seriusly Sushi Suma has like the best set meals you get everything in it..and trust me when I say that IT IS HUGE!!!!!!!!!! I guess that is why ppl keeps coming here...BOO!!!

So what is there good to eat here??!! First I damn like their appetizer (ooh and best part it is FREE!!!)...hehe they serve you this cold glass noodle thingy (have some sesame and vinegar in it...damn nice)....ooh and they also serve the agedashi tofu FREE!!!! (psst psst this place serve the best agedashi tofu ok...crispy on the outside soft in the inside..perfecto!!!) sis decided on the salad (cost 6 bucks and it is HUGE as you can see)...and since my sis is a regular customer we got the edamame FREE!!!! between my mum, Jon and me...we got one meal set...which included the sushi, yakitori (meat in skewer) and tonkatsu pork (damn a lot ok!!!). And we also got an extra serve of sashimi because my sis keep insisting is too little..but in the end also need to tar pow...see I know how to estimate one ok doink!!!! ooh and last but not least Sushi Suma also serve dessert FREE: vanilla ice cream with super yummy only place can get green tea sauce...YUM!!!! damn love it..I had 2 serving by the way... :) the green tea sauce is the best!!!!

Excellent dinner place if you have the patience..and come on men atleast we get a lot of FREE stuffs..but be patient and be prepared to be squeezed around because the place is cramp..and with the amount of food that comes, the table is damn freaking small!!!! so eat fast!!! and pity ppl who have to wait outside (aka me most of the time!)

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