Monday, April 30

74% of Australians Suffers From ROAD RAGE!

Note: Monday Blues......

I found this article in the newspaper a few days ago...74% of Australians Suffers from ROAD RAGE! How so bloody true!!! seriusly I am a road user since I was 17..and trust me when I say that I find myself getting more angrier on the road in Australia compared to KL (shocking eh?) So here is a short list on where it all started....

1) Motorcylist & Cyclist: In Malaysia, half the time we are cursing at motorcyclist because they drive like mad cows (but atleast they dun take up the lanes!), in Australia, motorcyclist and cyclist takes up the lane!!! not so bad with motorcyclist since they follow the road limit...but cyclist???!! especially if they are on a 60km/h road...and you can't overtake them!! idiots!!! seriusly they should make it a law that cyclist use a little of the footpath ok!! is just damn pathetic they are sharing the road with cars and motorcycles!! like seriusly isn't it better for them to knock down pedestrians (less damage) than to say have a car knock them? (sure die ok!)

2) Unsychronised Traffic Lights: I'm not the only one who realised this..but seriusly the traffic lights here are so bloody unsyncronised!!! This is especially true on straight roads and worse in the city (and they wonder why is it always traffic jams there) take eg from the pic at the side...even if the bottom car can move because it is green light, it can't go because the next street is red and there is no space for it...and half the time the driver (aka me) would get so frustrated because they can't move, and you can nicely see in front that another set of traffic light is green..and once you can move, the next set of light is red...urghhh!!! This is especially true for the traffic lights in the city!! which by the way is not timer controlled...anytime can go red especially if a pedestrian press it to cross the road!! and need I even get started on weekends and after work hour????

3) Pedestrian Crossing: I have nothing against them (since I am also a pedestrian at times)...but it gets so frustrating!!! Here when our lights turn green and if we need to turn left (which we are entitled to), we have to make sure there are no pedestrian crossing the road first!!! I find this so stupid!! if they want to let pedestrian cross the road then bloody hell don't make my traffic lights green!!! and most time the traffic lights turn red so fast, and half the time you would be cursing under your breath for those pedestrian to quickly cross (worse when it is the elderly and idiots who doesn't understand the meaning do not cross at blinking lights!)...I swear to god half the time I just feel like knocking those ppl down!!! by the time they cross the road, only 2-3 cars is able to turn left...and they wonder why we get road rage! Like why can't they build overhead bridges or something?? is hell a lot safer and more efficient!

4) Stupid Dumb Traffic System!: This is the most annoying of all...say I'm car A and I want to turn lights are green..but so is the traffic ahead too..apart from waiting for pedestrian to cross, I have to wait for car B to turn and car C to go straight!! and worse car B has to wait for pedestrian to cross before he can turn!! so that would mean pedestrian gets to cross, car B, car C and then me!!! and is 100x worse when the traffic lights changes to red so fast!!! so 80% of time only 1 car gets to turn right at any given moment (and that too is if car A stand right in the middle of the road and turning right when the traffic lights turn amber and the opposite traffics stop!)...I know...stupid law right? as if anyone would stop at amber lights!

5) A mix of 1-4: I'm not kidding you but this actually occur quite frequently (the exact same scenario occurs on my way to uni)..the traffic light system goes: a) green for ppl turning left first (so no pedestrian can cross) b) red for ppl turning left (for pedestrian to cross first) but green for ppl going straight c) green for all (yes even the pedestrian!)..confusing??!! so are all the bloody road users...till now I can't even decide which lane is better for me to turn right!!! because when (a) happens, half the time the car stuck there wants to go straight (so the traffic does not move because you can only turn left that time)...then when (b) happens, the person gets to go straight but then gets stuck again because a person wants to turn left and for the poor soul in the middle lane who wants to go straight (they might get stuck because the car in front wants to turn right but can't!)...then (c) happens only letting about 5-6 cars to turn right before it gets to be red again!! so every single time, I'll give a maximum of only 10 cars getting through..and this is a bloody main road ok!!! and notice the parking lot at the left hand side?? so you can imagine the traffic behind!! hint: it takes me 12 minutes to go to lab in the morning and less than 5 minutes at night (I'm not kidding!)

And they wonder why we are all Road Ragers!! I haven't even got started on IDIOTS on the road yet! But need I?


dmarks said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, and taking the effort to track your meme "children".

As for road rage, having to drive on a different side of the road than I am used to might be maddening enough there! And yes, I am in a part of the world where Australia + Road Rage = Mad Max movies.

doggy mama said...

Oh boy, I think bad drivers are just everywhere!! I find myself getting so mad at so many people - road rage is all over!! :)

Gerald said...
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Simple American said...

So I will have to clean and oil all of my guns before I drive in Oz. muahahahaha

I like Texas. Pedestrians have to wait for cars. Though California is the same as Oz. You can tell them over, as Texans use Californians as hood ornaments. muahahahahaa summore.

And biciyclists do that over here to. So maddening.

Thanks. All this rage talk is cheering me up. It must be Monday.

Nicole Tan said...

dmarks: no worries I have fun tracking down all the meme doers!! do inform me or velverse if someone new does it...and road rage!! haha

doggy mama: yeah road rage is everywhere...but I got mine here!

simple american: yup you better do so before you come to need a heart of steel around here!!! and lots of water to cool you down while driving here...I hate cyclist!!! haha glad i cheered u up!! woo hoo