Saturday, April 7

Can Someone Please Tell Me The Best Way To Collect Debt?!

Note: long weekend....and weather forecast for the week? RAINY! GLOOMY!!! the best times to sleep!! feeling so tired after my 9 hour sleep...might just get back to sleep after this post...yawn..p/s I went to watch Leo new movie yesterday..not too bad...woo hoo

Few days back my cuz asked me calculate how much the trip to Bangkok and Hong Kong cost..and since I was at it I decided to look at my current financial status...the good news is that I'm actually saving money this past few weeks..hoo ray to being a freaking anti social person and not going out as much...(still go out but I think I'm starting to not spend my money on useless craps!)...the bad news, I just realised how much money I'm freaking hell losing from all the debts ppl owe me!!!

Like dun get me wrong, I'm not a very money oriented person..infact when someone owes me money half the time I forget about it....especially if it is those small amounts (although if you think about it small amounts do add up to freaking hell BIG ONES!) anyways I finally decided to just sit down and try to remember as much as who owe me what..(thankfully I know I don't owe anyone anything because I'm the person once I borrow things from someone I would return it ASAP)...

So the list started off with the biggie far I have 2 ppl owing me more than a thousand bucks..and by the way this debt has been since 2-3 years back!!! and yes dun remind me..Mandy has been saying how stupid I am to have ppl owe me money for so long..but I can't help it!! is not like I can just open my mouth and ask them back for money right?!!! and anyway one of the person will pay me back..the only thing is the other one is proving to be a huge PROBLEM!!! that person is not even picking up my calls now!!! like WTF?!! if there is one thing I hate about collecting debt is the person trying to avoid me because of that!!! it seriusly make me feel like such a freaking BITCH trying to call that person!!! and yes I've decided to go full on now because in the past I usually try then I just stop..but this time I'm so going all the way until I get my money back..friend or not!!! last time you come to me begging me for money and me being a freaking gulible idiot agreed and now you dun even pick up my calls??!!! urghhh...

p/s does anyone know a better way to collect back money from someone who is avoiding your calls? and dun say go to that person house because that person sort of live across the sea from me!!


Simple American said...

I know this guy named Luigi. He is a debt collector. He charges by the number of bones he has to break. :P

Just kidding.

Simply tell them you want you money back. And remember what Benjamin Franklin said. "Never a borrower or lender be." Loaning and borrowing money ruins so many relationships. Of course if money causes the loss of a friend they were not so good in the first place.

Good luck there.

Nicole Tan said...

Haha woo really? nah don't worry I manage to get him to call me back!!! by giving a dateline to call me or else I'll consult a laawyer and send a lawyer letter!! I did after all have all the receipt and the letters to say he owes me money and would pay me back :D