Friday, April 20

Do You Know Me Well Enuff?

Note: Was a bit of a hectic didn't have much time to write a nice long post..

Create your own Friend Test here

Got introduced to do this by my dear cuz velverse..and aiks I only got like a few questions right..40%...i know me quite fail men..but never mind come June I sure would know her much much much more better..sorry yar I did some questions for those of you who might want to see how much you know me!! scoreboard would be at the side bar for the next few come come play along yar...dun worry I won't kill ya!

edited on 25th April: No more in sidebar...dun think anyone else would be doing this..but winner of who know me best is MY SISTER!!! AIKS!!!


Simple American said...

Only 30%. Oh well I am the new kid on the block. But it did not tell me the correct answer. No fairsies. ;)

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: haha if you want the correct answer email me at I'll send you the link....MY GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU GOT MY EARRING QUESTION CORRECT!! SHCOKER!!!!

p/s you are actually tied with my cousin velverse!! haha

Simple American said...

I got the earring answer right because I remember noticing them in your picture while driving on holiday. keke