Tuesday, April 24

Hero Tan Hotpot: Not so hero after all!!!

Note: Woo Hoo tmr is Anzac Day and a public holiday...no intention of going into lab....my babies can just wait a day longer...me need zzzzzzz

hero tan hot pot

Backdated post to 21st Feb 2007

This restaurant is between my university and my house...I pass it every day and the sign always seem to be on my mind HERO TAN HOTPOT 譚英雄火鍋...some more copy my surname...so thought must definately try it!! (by the way it was only a few days ago I found out that the chinese word for it meant TAM and not TAN!!)

And 21st Feb was the day...what was the occasion?? Heidi finally came back from her hiao trip back to Penang!!! yeh my buddy is back..(or more importantly my supplies of dvds are here!!! lalala shhh)....so I met up with Kaka first because decided to go walk Kirin with her..then we went to the restaurant and wow Heidi and Bernice are on time..hehe...we were the only ones in the restaurant!! how so not shocking...the food was seriusly quite bad...I dun usually say food is bad (esp when meat is concerned)...the hot pot itself was ok...soup was ok ok lah...the spicy one not spicy at all (infact to me was a little too oily) and the clear soup urmm not too yummy..not enough smell to it.....but dunno why the food choices were so little...didn't taste that great..and well it just didn't leave any good impression....although I have to say that luncheon meat in hot pot is extremely yummmm!!! but other than that all the rest was quite fail!!

SO DISSAPOINTING!!!! much prefer the hotpot in the city...p/s going there again tmr for Kaka's bday woo hoo!!


Simple American said...

The pictures look nice even if the food is disappointing.

Whats an Anzac day for?

Nicole Tan said...

The pictures were taken with my mobile phone so I was quite surprised it came out good too...

Anzac Day if I'm not mistaken is a big day in Australia and New Zealand as more of a respect day because 25th April is the day when both countries troops landed in Gallipoli to help out in the 1st World War (aka the first ever time Australia and New Zealand go to war!)