Wednesday, April 25

I hate bubble!! But I love Bubble Tea :D

Note: Just last week I was cursing upside down, downside up and from left to right and vice versa because I had like the most perfect result ever from an experiment!! but the quality of it went down the drain when a bubble appeared and spoilt it all and make me have to repeat 2 days worth of experiment AGAIN!

easy way

Backdated post to 24th February 07

As much as I hate bubble (esp in my precious experiments), I have to admit I've got a soft spot for 2 other bubble: 1) The alcoholic bubble CHAMPAGNE...make that all alcohol is good.. 2) BUBBLE TEA!!! or more pearl tapioca gluuey, so chewy, sweet, yummmmmmm

And since Jacinta came over to Sydney to celebrate chinese new year with her family, and also to tie up some loose ends before she permanently move her again....I met up with her twice and both times we were sitting down in those chinese cafe having bubble tea!!! woo hoo...just a short intro, Jacinta is one of my old mates whom I got to know in Sydney during my first year here...very good friend and men the days when we use to just crap around and act all fun fun!!!! and yeh she is coming back to Sydney after getting her PR here finally!! more fun to come woo hoo!!!!

Enuff intro back to bubble tea, Jacinta had the green apple tea with pearls while me had the coffee milk tea with pearls...yes I'm still obsessed with coffee and tea drink...I have it everywhere!!!! It is so yum and it is the best of both world!! Mmmmmm


Simple American said...

My daughter likes that bubble tea. Much better than soda I would think.

Bubble in your experiments hor? So I am confused on your status. Are you a student? Or a researcher? Or both? Just curious.

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: I'm a PHD student...and is all research based..that is why it is a mixture of both!! haha some can even say I'm working...confusing eh?! I'm CONFUSED!

But me no confuse with bubble tea..I love bubble tea!!!

Simple American said...

Wow PhD working with bacteria and such. Major brain power here.

If I ever go for PhD it will be totally narcissist. I would like to study history.

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: nah me no work with bacteria..too low in the species already..I'm working with mamallian cells :D much better!!!

and PHD in history would be fun!!! but loads of reading!!