Tuesday, April 17

Mmmmmmm D.O.N.UT.S.

Note: I'm back from the capital city of Australia (Canberra)...and trust me when I say NEVER NEVER AGAIN!!!! Is so tiring!!!!!!

krispy kreme

The other day when I went to fetch my dad from the airport, due to his long custom and immigresen line, I was extra early and since Sydney Airport charges 6 bucks for 30 minutes for parking, I decided to just go to Krispy Kreme and wait...so much more easier, cheaper and need I even mention the smell of the donuts???

When we went there, they were in the process of making the original glazed donut and I decided to just click here and there a bit...quite bad quality because I was using my nokia 6111 to do this....(HEY I ONLY BROUGHT MY PHONE AND MY WALLET OUT!!!)... but wow I can't believe how many steps are there is making donuts!!!! and men that window just making me drool drool drool..especially at the glazing step where they sugar coat it!!!! OMG!!!! but the best part was yet to come!!! Since they were making fresh batch of donuts, they were giving out the freshly baked one FREE!!!!!

Although I do think Krispy Kreme donut is a bit over rated, it is still yummy!! I especially love the apple cinnamon and the custard filled donut...super duper yum!!!! ANY ORDERS ANYONE??!!! This Krispy Kreme branch is opened 24 hours 7 days a week!!!!!!


may said...


2 please... no wait, make that 3...

Nicole Tan said...

urmm wait a minute!! dun you work in the city?? with a FEW krispi kreme donut scattered around? haha sure anytime...ps there is a 24 hour one ok..is the closest we get to mamak here!!!

Simple American said...

I'll take a dozen. Love donuts and have the belly to prove it. kekeke

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: oh yeah men donuts are yummy...and USA the land of krispy kreme...MMMMMmmm you have a lot of franchise there?

Simple American said...

They sell them in grocery stores and gas stations too. Can find them all over. :)