Saturday, March 3

The MUST DO when in Japan

Note: Super busy day!! went for facial which dragged on for 3 hours (when is only suppose to be 1 and half hour)..because of that had to gobble down my dim sum in record time of 10 minutes, went to market, went to work, bake a cake, mop the house....I'M SO DEAD TIRED

I would like to STRESS OUT KOW KOW that when in Japan, MUST DEFINATELY VISIT THE ONSEN (hot spring bath)!! like seriusly you would regret it to the max if you don't....when Kaka and I was there, after one of our trip around Mt Fuji and Hakone area, we stayed over a night at Hakone (the land of great spring bath)....the hotel we stayed in have an inbuilt one so of course we just had to go for it!!! luckily the hotel had seperate ones for female and males...because the dress code for their onsen.....NOTHING AT ALL!!! both of us were like OMG...nothing???!!! naked???? how can??!!! yes we come from a place that nudity in public places just ain't a normal thing....we were in the locker room and we were already standing there for a full 10 minute contemplating on what we were doing while every other humans there just came in the place, take off clothes and dissapear into the land of the onsen...ok so we finally decided to let it all go and just heck care...and when we were seriusly the vision is still so clear in my mind...haha on one side there is the nice super hot bath where you can see everyone relaxing and on another side small little waist high cubicles with a mirror and a stool for people to shower!!!! this is the first time I take my shower sitting down on a stool and looking at a mirror to shower...absolutely weird!!!! but men talk about how clean I feel after that..haha...the hotel even had an outdoor spring bath...super nice men...imagine nice and cold weather and you are inside a super hot hot hot bath....ahhhh sleep after that night!!!

The next day we just couldn't get enough of the onsen we decided to take the hotel offer of 50% off to a nearby onsen resort called Yunessun....and men talk about worth it to the max!!!! that place is like so bloody area is a full on onsen with the hydraulic pumps and the hot bath..there is even a water slide but quite small one lah..then the baths me my skin was like so bloody soft after that...they had the salt bath (which tasted horrible), some blue algae bath, grape bath, coffee bath, charcoal bath, green tea bath, red wine bath and the best of all sake bath (there was literally sake dripping down to the water from the huge drum...all you have to do is just put your hand there to collect..and after a few seconds you should have enough to drink...mmmmm)..with all these?? how can my skin be not good??? and the best part??!! we didn't need to be naked!!! ahhh swimming suits allowed..hehe....


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