Monday, April 2


Note: Couldn't sleep last night...turned on TV and found this show called "Cheaters" on....a reality show about people cheating on their partners being investigated by the "Cheaters Detective Agency"...I find this show extremely what the?!!! is freaking wrong ok!!! yeah is not good to cheat on your partners....and yes I do agree that if you want to find out you can employ detectives..but have all these film and put on a show?!!! IS JUST PLAIN WRONG!!!!! What has this world turn to!!!

The Reason Why I Can't Type Properly!!!!

Yes my hand is still a bit pain...getting better (duh with all those panadol I'm taking the pain better be less!)..and definately with the bandage on when I type is quite relieving....too bad me too "pai seh" to wear it when I go to work (like how to wear gloves blabla) when I come home and have it on...ahhh R.E.L.I.E.V.E.

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