Friday, April 13

Our few hours stop @ Canberra

Note: My lab is getting a little too cramp for many new many gossips..lots of them like bringing goodies to the bought doughnuts today....HANDS OFF EVERYONE!! ALL DOUGHNUTS ARE FOR ME!!!!

fountain and cherry

Backdated post to 28th Dec 2006

On the way back from The Snowy, we dropped by at Canberra for rather than driving 6 hours non where in Canberra should we eat??? Word of mouth has said that Fitzroy is a really nice place to eat..yeah I think so too with the huge amounts of people there..we had to park so far and walk so far in the crazily hot sun!!!!

We went to the shop that looks like the quiet one..but wooo so many awards...SURE MUST BE GOOD..I hope....I didn't feel like eating any savoury after my huge breakfast so I opted for waffles with loads of ice cream and coffee sauce!! YUM!!!!! i'm telling you is so good!!!!! Heidi had her craving for carbonara so she got that....good lunch...nice place...

After having lunch and a quick refuel of petrol...we then drove home..passing by some of Canberra famous landmark..but since I was driving and Heidi is forever too lazy to take pics..I had to force her to take pic of the famous fountain in Canberra...hehe cute leh....and while on the freeway we pass by so many ppl selling cherries so yes we also stopped to let Heidi get some cherries...not for me!! me no like cherries...hehe

p/s me going back to Canberra on Monday with my dad to renew my passport...more pics then ok??


may said...

aiseh, I should've asked you to get a box of cherries for me! you no like? I dislike cherry-flavoured stuff 'cos they taste like cough syrup, but the real cherries are yummmmmmm!

Nicole Tan said...

haha yeah when you drive down those country places you can get the cherries really cheap..prob is I'm a non veggie/fruit nope cherries not me cup of tea....if you want next time i buy for you..wait for next summer..haha

Simple American said...

That food looks so good. To eat an ice cream off a real waffle must be kind of neat. I wanna try that. *slurps*

Any cherries leftover. *looks hungrily*

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: oh yeah icecream and waffle so yum!!! imagine super hot waffle with super cold ice cream....mmmmm

cherries?? hmm Heidi ate it all up..haha sorry next time