Wednesday, April 4

Snowy Mountain Part 3: Climb up Mt Kosciuszko

Note: Feeling so sleepy today..this is what happens when you stay up late to watch the swimming duel between USA and Australia..GO TEAM USA!!!!

mt kosciuszko
Backdated post to 27th December 2006

After the best sleep I had in a while from the super duper long drive the day before to Thredbo.....we woke up quickly had our breakfast, got out picnic basket and was on our way up by chair lift to Mt Kosciuszko....make that 90% good sleep because I was awaken in the middle of the night by dear old Heidi..who was having super bad nitemare (she said she was dreaming about ghost attacking her)...and you know what she did? she was cursing them all fowl words imaginable (yes english and hokkien all put together).I was like men that person she is cursing must have done something real bad!! I never see Heidi cursing in real life..haha

Back to our climb, this free chair lift pass is such a rip off men...first if I "was" going to pay for a chair lift up, I would expect me being carried all the way to the top of the mountain!!!! BUT NO!!!! after getting down on the top, we realised we have to walk more!! and walking under the freaking hot sun is not fun!! wait make that for Nicole, WALKING IS NOT FUN!!!! after walking 45 minute (and is 45 minute of not even nice sceneries because it was just rocks!), we finally got to a lookout point...and saw Mt Kosciuszko...and I was like what!! aren't we suppose to be there not see it?!! and yes the brochure did mention...if you want to go to Mt Kosciuszko you would have to hike about 2 hours!! WHAT?!!! 2 freaking hours?!! JUST GO THERE?! AND ANOTHER 2 HOURS COMING BACK?!! Ok lookout point is enough for me!!! And thank god we didn't go there...after coming down from Mt Kosciuszko I realise I GOT SUNBURNT!!!!..Heidi also realised she got burnt a bit...LIKE WHAT THE?!!! we are on top of a mountain to escape from heat, but still get sunburn!!! arghhhhhh!!!!!!


Selba said...

Hi there... :)

Mt. Kosciuszko??? Where is it? Sounds like a Rusia word but I bet it's not in Rusia, hehehe!

Nicole Tan said...

Hi it is in Australia...about half way between Sydney and Melbourne...I think they got the name after some european dude