Tuesday, April 10

Snowy Mountain Part 5: We Did Everything We Need To Do...NOW WHAT?!

Note: This morning was consistently being disturbed when I was trying to do my work..the most annoying one was this man who came up to me telling me found radioactive waste in his room again (I was like bloody freaking hell again?! so was quite stressed)..in the end found out it was just the container for radioactive stuffs dated back to 2005..I was like WTF?! you frighten me all the way because of that..I was like can't you even read that is 2005?? and is a bloody container can't you even open it to see if there is anything inside before coming to me..and he was like he dun want to touch it!! SO FREAKING WHAT?!!! I ALSO HAVE TO TOUCH IT LAH!!! and 2005 leh..if anything is just plain water now!!! urghh!!!! Idiot!!!

Continuition from Part 4
thredbo indulgence package

After the bobsledding, we then got a bit lost!! MY god we did all that is interesting in Thredbo...wait make that Snowy Mountain!! what else is there left to do??!!!! ps it was only about noon...hmmm ok why dun we just go take a drive..maybe go Jindabyne or something since there is a lake there and the town there look atleast a decent size to go walking around...

We brought along our picnic basket that was provided (make that picnic plastic bag)...the sandwich just tasted horrible lah...hard and stale!!! but it was provided in the package so die also must eat..hehe...so yes we finally completed everything in the package..all within less than 24 hours being there!!! OMG OMG OMG...

Jindabyne was ok ok lah...so empty...there was a lake there..but the drought seriusly reduce the lake size to very very small..and the town? EMPTY!!! the shops were overly priced (want to shop also just a handful of shop to look at), thought ok why dun we watch movie? (there is only one cinema there with one screen and the times are weird), how about jetski or something (no cannot find where to get it)..then Heidi suggested kayaking...and I was like WHAT?!! IN THE HEAT?!!!! NO WAY!!!! and luckily we didn't since we already got sun burnt..and some more she still want to go kayaking..crazy nanti we really ahn nene men!!!!

So after cruising around for a while and taking some pics, we just drove back to the hotel and get an afternoon nap...trust me when I say that was hell a lot better than driving around and getting more sun burnt!!!!!

p/s I so like that cute cottage in the pic..and surrounded by so many lamb chops...hmmm I have this craving for lamb chop now.....hehe


Simple American said...

Just whack the irritating guy with your mouse. Those things hurt when you twirl them fast enough.

Come back tomorrow to see if you chomp chomp on lamb chop.

Nicole Tan said...

haha i wish I can too!!!! prob is I'm suppose to be maintaining a good reputation here...(a bitchy one though)..so have to resort to less violent ways..i'll think of ways i'm sure..hehe...

and no I didn't have lamb chop yet!!! but I did get KFC..hmmmmm