Wednesday, April 11

Snowy Mountain Part 6: A Good Holiday Is Depicted By How Much Sleep You Have & How Much You Eat

Note: What would you do if at 2am you are awoken by a girl crying her lungs out and wailing like nobody business because she got dumped by her bf?! Would you a) take pity and dun do a thing although her crying and her wailing is driving you nuts and you can't sleep? b) you yell out your window ask her to keep it down/ get a life/ or go back inside your house and cry and dun do it outside? c) you call security and let them do the yelling/knocking....guess which one I did?

thredbo alpine hotel
alfresco pizza
Continuition from Part 5

After waking up from our precious nap, we then decided to go have takes lots of energy sleeping you know!!!! Truthfully speaking there is really nothing much to eat in the nicest place to eat would be at Cascadebut men eating there like all the time is going to make the trip extra ex right?? this is supposed to be a cheap cheap trip!!! So we decided on pizza since it is everybody's best friend...and we also had a bottle of wine to finish so pizza and wine that is...we got a large pizza to share between both of us...of course we went half half on the pizza to get the best of both got seafood and the other with loads and loads of meat!!! yes I scrutinized the menu kowkow just to make sure we get the one with least veggie...(Men Nicole sometimes you are just too smart)....the wine was supplied by Heidi, she got it from Canberra last time...sweet but left quite a bad after taste so we just drank 3/4 of the bottle and didn't bother about the rest....

After yummy dinner and with nice bloating tummies, we then went on to our booking for a nice long hour of sauna (ok lah maybe not an hour just a bit below)...nice hot and relaxing...infact too relaxing because the sauna lights was off so we were in the dark the whole time....scary.......


Simple American said...

You don't like vegetables?
You old enough to drink wine?
You find a ghost?
You mind lots of questions?

Nicole Tan said...

Urmmm I am a widely known carnivorous!! ME NO LIKE VEGGIES!!! and urmm old enuff to drink wine?? SHhhhhh!!!! find ghost?? nah not me only Heidi had a dream about being chased by no believe in ghost...and lots of questions?? nah the more the merrier..Bring it on!!

Simple American said...

Wah! So different. Chinese girl dun like vegetables. First one I ever ever ever met.

Nicole Tan said...

haha one day one day I shall write a paper on why vegetables are over rated..just you wait and see...(and I mean it...I am after all working in cardiovascular research now..haha)