Thursday, April 12

Snowy Mountain Part 7: Homeward Bound..The Looong trip home

Note: Such a warm warm day today..Is supposed to be getting cooler not warmer!!! Boss not in today..going to rush my work and go home early...MY DAD IS COMING TMR!!!

breakfast at cascades
jindabyne homeward

The day to go I'm so dreading the long trip home...lazy to drive..and me skin is quite pain from the sunburn...cis....but we decided to cut up our going home trip a bit and stop at Canberra for lunch (yes the capital city of Australia!! and no neither Melbourne nor Sydney is the capital city)....but before we go last go at our "included in the package" breakfast...since I'll be doing the driving..though ok eat eat eat as much as I can to fill me big big tummy up for the trip...(though seriusly I really can't eat brekkie....just so not me)...but who can resist bacon, sausages, eggs and HASH BROWNS?!?? mmmmmmm

We then left the place..and I forced Heidi to take some pics of the sceneries..since I'm driving and I dun think she would appreciate me trying to drive down the nice winding road and taking pic at the same time...:D and luckily we took pics too..because after 2 weeks of coming back from Thredbo, guess what was in the news???

Click Here to read about "Thredbo Evacuated" We so went at the right time didn't we?? :P I wonder what happened to those dry trees now...burnt???hmmmmmm


Simple American said...

Glad you missed the fire. So scarey.

Actually a name like Grumpy may not be so bad. You cannot be disappointed if the service is bad, right?

Breakkie looks awesome too.

Hey the cars are on the wrong side of the road. 0.0

So you taking your Dad to work?

Jason h said...

Going to Cali this weekend!! We're you the one asking me about the government grants website? Here it is..Here ya go..

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: yeah luckily we missed the fire...we were in the first place already saying how vulnerable the place is to fire and wah la in 2 weeks really got...scary!! brekkie is awesome..and cars on the wrong side of the road?!! haha I think is your place that is on the wrong side of the road!! :D:D and nope daddy is driving me to work!! (and being my personal chaffeur, chef, dishwasher, entertainer, babysitter)

Nicole Tan said...

jason h: HUH?!

Simple American said...

I think Jason is spam. Good thing you had brekkie already.