Wednesday, April 18

Update: The Food Tag

jWarning Note: The amount of finger licking god smacking delicious scrumptious looking food is enough to make you fill a whole tub with drool...

I started this food tag soon to be a month ago...and so far the response has been nothing short of AWESOME!!! so far to count 24 people have done it..that is like close to 1 a day!! woo hoo if we keep this up....wah in one year??!!! OMG OMG OMG!!! A BIG LIST GOING ON!!! WOO HOO...when I started this I really did hope and pray someone from Bangkok or HK/Macau would do it (I'm going there in June)....MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. p/s to those going to do the food tag pretty please can you email me your site or put it on the comment tab so I can keep track????? THANKS!!!!

p/s NOT IN ANY PARTICULAR ORDER! (Count to date 410)

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Nicole (Sydney, Australia):
Tagging efficiency 1/2 A bit cheating because I did force cuz to do it...but hey atleast it did go around...all due to the efficiency of the tag!!! WOO HOO..I still stick by my Top 5 place in Sydney. Visited Madang, fish market and ichi ban boshi again after the post!!! Hurricanes and Suminoya?? NEED MORE $$$ first

Little Miss May (Sydney, Australia): Tagging efficiency 1/3She hasn't finish the tag yet..she just moved to Sydney so yes need more time...and northern noodle house? she got influenced by jimbo big time! haha but the place she chose seriusly not too bad.can't wait for part 2 and more more pics! Part 2 is here! Lowenbrau and harry's pie made it..woo hoo!

SiwwyPig (Perth, Australia):Tagging efficiency 1/2 Ah a fellow malaysian in Australia..all the way at the other corner...cute site...not many food photos..but I do agree with her restaurants...some of them found in yeh I tried before Hogs Breath...not too bad not too bad

Dabido (Perth, WA, Australia):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone.....Utopia not really a place for me since I’m definately anti vegetable..haha...but I quite like Subway nowdays...Eagle Boy’s Pizza sounds like a nice takeaway food..

Bubba Stuff (Melbourne, Australia):Tagging efficiency 0/0 Tagged no one...another fellow australian here...not bad food pics...the car leong she showed looks super yummy and is making me having this huge craving for it now..yum cha this weekend no care! and she even put in timtams!! NO OBJECTION!

Wok&Spoon (Melbourne, Australia):Tagging Efficiency 0/02nd time do the tag leh..obviously no more tagging ppl..haha later everyone go kill her..but wah espy kitchen and 7 apples in St Kilda sounds good to me!! Now I want to go Melbourne again!!!

Danielle (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia):Tagging Efficiency 1/1Hogs Breath Café made the cut…they do have pretty big steaks I got to admit..I quite like the one in Sydney too..first time I heard of Fat Boyz…pizza a bit vegetarian but sounds very yummy..and onyx..tapas?? drool

Me (Queensland, Australia):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone… Oxley's sounds like a very setting!! by the river with yummy seafood..Chillies apple tortillas dessert sounds good too..never had those before..


Anonymous(Vienna, Austria):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone…First person from Austria!!! Prefer not to be named and I'll just write what he/she suggest...And mmm Monte Christo sounds so good for italian food!!! And Esterhazy Keller? Must try they have yummy delicious beer! And the strawberry cream filling from Café Klement look SO YUMMY!!!! Akakiko for japanese food..Pizzeria Mamanosa for yummy pizzas!!!


Gattina (Waterloo, Belgium):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did not tag anyone…First person from Belgium doing the tag!Nice restaurant pictures… L'Amusoir looks very cute…and woo steaks too!! Must try the Green Roof if I ever go there..must see what Belgian food is all about

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Wu Wei (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina):Tagging Efficiency 1/1Did not tag anyone..her post is somewhat half in Bosnia and half the food in any nice places in bosnia to go eat??? Dveri sounds good!! And looks good….cute place…and the bun there does look pretty yummy for me


Canadian Pie (Toronto, Canada):Tagging efficiency 0/0 did not tag anyone...and did not write pics of the food but gave the link to place website...the places look quite cool..and korean bbq? haha definately got my big stamp of approval!!! the ping gai mentioned in sounds good too!

Lotus Reads (Toronto, Canada): Tagging efficiency 4/5 Another person who didn't link me...foodwise, oooh so absolutely mouth watering..especially the chez cora..the crepes look so good especially with chocalate!!! a variety of asian food were mentioned like indian and hakka food...even morrocan food was featured...very well rounded

Tanya (Toronto, Canada):Tagging efficiency 2/5 Ah another person like me who loves stuffing myself with nutella sandwich...that is so yum...whoops..anyway back to post, she mentioned nice steaks in The Keg, super cheap thai food at Thai Fusion (haha I think we have one here in sydney too, cajuns and not forgetting our friendly Taco Bell...mmmm all simple food but sounds yummy!!

Dale (Toronto, Canada):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 Recommended a place called Peter Pan Bistro which sounded kinda cool….the absolutely green PeterPantini sounds yummy!! I wonder what they put in though..and the squashy in Queen’s Mother Café (well to squash is to feel more closer with everyone else)

Jacy (Toronto, Canada):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 This person has 2 of the underlings doing the tag in the comment section..but woo is so good that someone lost her tag virginity to me! Haha oops back to food…Starfish is the place to go…why? Because Nicole loves oyster and seafood…and I’m bias!

Chrissy (Manitoulin Island, Ontario,Canada): Tagging efficiency 2/5 Really nice gal from Canada..the places she put on her top 5 was so nice!! Especially the Garden's Gate european cute!!!! and although she didn't put any food picture..the place itself is making me drool!! mmm the other places mentioned look really cool too!

Where the Walls are Soft (Les Becker, Ontario, CANADA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 There is this thing about places with weird names that attract me..Joey Calzones…sounds so Italian…but wah calamari!!! Yummy..also recommended The Sun Kwong Restaurant where worked before…best chinese food in town supposedly…

Kat (Ontario, Canada):Tagging Efficiency 3/5If I’m not mistaken someone else also mentioned the Keg Steakhouse and looks like a winner around here…and La Cantina gnocchi sounds yummy to me!! Papagayos a mexican place have grilled alligator in the menu!!! MY GOD! I want to try!!!!

Sassy (Ontario, Canada):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone…Hmmm must try Swiss chalet...chicken and rib sounds good...Jack Astors look like a good place for a and wings...yummy!!!

Farmer’s Wife (Ontario, Canada):Tagging Efficiency 0/5 The fine greek food platter at Mykonos sound so good..and potato soup at Canyon Creek is making me hungry! And woo hoo there is buffet at Mandarin!! Yummy!

Christy's Coffee Break (Ontario, Canada):Tagging Efficiency 0/5 Wimpy’s Diner and their gigantic burger and cheap sounds good...Montana’s Cook House three cheese spinach dip is seriously making me very hungry!

Angell (Toronto, Ontario, Canada):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 Wooo Queen’s Mother cafe does look good...but I’m dying to eat the steaks at Hy’s Steakhouse!!! YUMMY! Italian food at Posticino’s sounds so good!!! So hungry now..

Pink Internet Marketing (Ontario, Canada):Tagging Efficiency 1/2 Mmm yum Garlic’s sounds so good..I love garlic too...and garlic soup? That must be so good!!! I might give Zen Garden a miss though because I’m totally not a vegetarian...The Covent Garden Market sounds so it when there are choices!

Bluepaintred(Saskatchewan, Canada):Tagging Efficiency 3.5/5 One of the blog readers decided to join in the fun. And haha first blog to say that one of the top 5 is their mother's in law place...haha very hard to find such good in laws men!Ahh and another person who enjoys Mcdonald just like me!! Go Mcdonald!!! Bonanza Steak House and Boston Pizza sounds like good places to go too!! Nicely design super nice here too..

Fracas (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada):Tagging Efficiency 3/5 Yummy The Keg sounds like a place for me me me!!! Steaks!! Yummy..and with peppercorn too??? Wooo salivating thinking about it..I think someone mentioned The Cave restaurant before....sounds good!!! I like the atmosphere in Manos on 8th looks so comfy!!!

Barbara (Calgary, Alberta, Canada):Tagging Efficiency 3/5 She mention a Korean eatery called arirang House!! I want to go too!!! And Newport Grill yummy steaks with nice toilet..but no picture of toilet but I shall take her words for it..The Lazy Loaf and Kettle bakery sounds like a very cute little bakery…I wonder how their pastries taste like…

Susanne (Alberta, Canada):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 The breakfast menu at Smitty’s is very mouth watering!!! So hungry now…and mmmm pork chop at ricky’s sound so good!! I’m drooling just thinking of it!

swankola (Edmonton, AB, Canada):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 Westgate Hallal Meat and Deli looks like a place I would just stand and drool over their display...Maurya Palace if was near me would be favourite joint for dinner atleast once a week (there is just a thing about cheap buffet I like)...El Rancho Spanish Restaurant and the food looks good..Handy Bakery looks heavenly!!! is that a drink there??? and the burger at Absolutely Edibles...drool!!!!

Craptastic (Calgary, AB, Canada):Tagging Efficiency 0/5 haha King’s Restaurant sounds good all the same! Unhealthy stuffs always taste the best…and Dr Pepper’s Slurpee? Damn we don’t have that here in Sydney!! Arghhh Lina’s Italian Market sounds good too

John (Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada):Tagging Efficiency 0/5 This blog is basically a book club blog…so the fact that he actually did my food tag is so good! The tag however is done in the comments section so please do scroll down for it…The Frobisher Inn has good lambs recommended..and Hospital Cafetaria?? Haha well I got to agree some hospital do have good food!

Jill (Vancouver, BC, Canada):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone..But woo mentioned a lot of places on Commercial Drive in Vancouver..I will take it as that is the place to be for food!! Potato pratha?? Never heard before men…even Malaysia the home of pratha also dun have hor???

Carly (Vancouver, Canada):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 OMG!! the food sounds so posh!!! especially The Smoking Dog - Le Chien Qui Fume I haven't had french for a long time!!!! and Anducci's and sangria?? haha must go must go

Courtney (Vancouver, Canada):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did not tag anyone.. Acme Cafe?? haha sounds like one of those restaurants coming out of the looney tunes cartoon!!! and club sandwich?? yummy..too bad the Wild Garlic is closed now because it does sound like a nice and cozy place too!

Boob Lady (Saint John, Canada):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Didn’t tag anyone…2 places that really caught my attention, Cora’s for their yummy filled nutella crepes (there is just this thing about nutella) and Jungle Jim’s where the décor itself is enough to make you laugh!! Parrots and even hanging swinging monkeys??? I LIKE!

Deb (Richmond, British Columbia, Canada):Tagging Efficiency 0/5 There is this picture she had there from the Friendly Banner Restaurant with her having a great bite of a nice cheesy yummy looking cheesy pizza that made me just wanna steal it off her!! So tempting!!!! And the Pajo’s Fish and Chip place look like such a nice cottage!!! Tempting!!!

Gifted Typist (Halifax, Canada):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Very smart put the price range there too…unique…the cheapest being Hungry Chilli..mmm spicy food sounds like my cup of tea..but what I am more interested in is Henry House an old fashion English pub with lager, ale and bitters….owwww

Canadian_Sadie (Halifax, NS, Canada):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag fellow carnivore!! She said that Bud The Spud is a must must try of any person that visits Halifax….fries!! yummy…and wow Steak & Stein and Jon Allan’s Steak House….wooo meat meat and more meat..

Tearfree aka Reject the Koolaid (Montreal, Canada):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did the tag on the comment section…quite well rounded because the tag was done in a way that it encompasses all the food..weird names though but sound posh!!

Emilie (Montréal, Québec, Canada):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did not tag anyone..and to those of your reading this..beware is in French!! Haha but is quite easily solvable using those translating tools online…I do think café art java sounds good..nothing beats a nice cup of coffee..there are Japanese and Indian food mentioned..sho dan and malhi

Geosomin (Saskatoon, Canada):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone…Another willing person who did the tag.. The Cave sounds great....even the atmosphere sounds good...and planning to dress up in star wars garb and go there??

Carrie (Ottawa, Canada):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 Too bad Alium is close because it really sounds quite nice..Milestones and Prime 360 steeaks sound so good and juicy! and beaver tail??? must try that if I ever go around Ottawa

Kathy (Prince Edward Island, Canada):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone…Wow combined 3 tags at one go and a really interesting way of doing the food meme that I started… MacAuley’s Bakery sounds good..I love freshly baked cookies..and mmm ice cream at Cow’s sounds good too!

Julia (Victoria, Canada):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone..Swan’s sounds like anice place for pub food..fisfard sounds really yummy never tried those before….Hernande’z sounds good too….mini tacos..that got to be super cute!!!


Bloghound (Bogota, Colombia):Tagging Efficiency0/1 Patacon Maduro sounds like a nice place to get a very nice traditional Colombian food...Popeye’s sounds very good too..and I always love Mcdonalds!! Cyranoand their chocolate cakes sounds heavenly!


Pinksterz (Egypt): Tagging efficiency 0/0 did not tag anyone and did not write link..but wow all the way from egypt!! cool!! egyptian food actually sounds quite nice and unique..not too ex too...NEXT NEXT NEXT STOP?? EGYPT!! i wonder if I can ride on camels?? the food actually sounds very meditarannean..wooo...


Wokandspoon (Paris, France):Tagging efficiency 0/5 Wah someone from Paris did the tag!!! woo hoo...OMG the amount of food she mentioned is enough to make me feel hungry to the max!! french foods are so yummy so mouth is watering for confit de canard and steak tartar and pave de rumstead, galettes!! HOW??!!!

JChevais (Paris, France):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 Au Refuge des Fondus sounds good..and cute!! Haha imagine drinking from a baby bottle…Siamin sounds cool too…and Blue Lagoon cocktail sounds goodie…Dans Le Noir I like that concept..eating in the dark….and Le Temps des Cerises..that is a very interesting way to dine!!


HeisseScheisse (Boweltown, Germany):Tagging Efficiency 0/0woo hoo first person from germany!!! although I didn't understand a word from the links I click because it was in german!! but the places does look good especially Schoenburg Hotel looks so posh posh posh!!!!

Sanni (All over Germany):Tagging Efficiency 3/5Second person from Germany doing the tag!! And wow what a wide selection! Really like Tantris description..look so special, look so posh!!! And Mongo’s…wooo yummy BBQ…


Yianna (Athens, Greece): Tagging efficiency 1/5 New country...woo hoo...the "48" restaurant she mentioned sounds so good!! so expensive...but never mind when I go athens I sure must save up money to go eat eat there....the kebabs sounds yummmmmm..and seriusly except for number 4, all the places she mentioned sounds like either seafood heaven or meat heaven!!! yes got my thumbs up!

CATHY (Athens, Attica, Greece):Tagging Efficiency 1/5very nice picture of food there…The Apolis looks so nice..the décor and wow the location on top of hill…must be super posh!! And there is even a souvlaki picture there for everyone to drool on!!!!

Tina (Athens, Greece):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did not tag anyone… Souvlaki is good!!! Must try this Jimmy's Souvlaki if I ever make my way to Athens..and TSIFTI'S BY THE SEASIDE??? that sound so good..eating seafood right by the seaside..I'm sure the view must be spectacular

Irene (Athens. Greece):Tagging Efficiency 0/5 I must try this “best restaurant” in Greece of Etrusco!!!! Sounds fabulous…and expensive too..and desert at Liston café looks yummy! Feel like just snatching it!

Melusina (Thessaloniki, Greece):Tagging efficiency 1/5First time I see how greek letters are spelt..really learn something new here today..and Maria's Boobs for a food name??? haha got my attention..I want go Greece now...sound so interesting the food!! and yes I agree I love pizzas too!!!

Hong Kong

Curiosity Killer (Hong Kong, SAR): Tagging efficiency 3/7 With this post, I can finally say my meme target is complete...haha HK food..mmm and I've checked the address of the places...all definately reachable as long as I'm in HK!! going to check these places out!! thanks so much curiosity killer..super friendly person..and the food pics she put?? DROOLLLL!!


Traveller's Tales (Pune, India):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 My god why is it the places featured here looks way way much better than the places I went to in Bangalore?! Arghh should have went to Pune instead..the food is making me so hungry! And briyani?! MMmmmm

ish (Ludhiana, Punjab, India):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 I much prefer Dominos better than Pizza Hut...but no one does the cheese crust as nice as Pizza Hut...but woo I so love KFC!!! Nothing can beat a nice fried chicken fried with 11 herbs and spice! Haha Moti mahal Delux sounds like a nice indian place


Selba (Jakarta, Indonesia) Tagging efficiency 3/5 Although just one out of 5 of her top 5 food is indonesian, all 5 of the food there looks awesome!!! I actually wouldn't mind going to Jakarta in the near future....she has this really cool looking pics of hanging roasted duck!! mmmmmm Roast Duck.....


tafka PP (Jerusalem, Israel):Tagging Efficiency 4/6Woo hoo first person from Israel..and wow Decks, Tiberius Mariana sounds good to me..imagine being greeted by revolving cows…I’m hungry for more meat meat meat now…even warning of not for vegetarians..haha I like!

Liza ("Northern" Israel):Tagging Efficiency 3/5Jacko’s Fish and Chips with their seafood risotto and chocolate truffles…who can bypass that?? I think she also mentioned Onami Japanese restaurant..quite good even someone commented it is good….must visit

Harry (Modi'in, Israel):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did not tag anyone.. Ofer Falafel sounds very good!! I think making our own falafel is always a good thing....and wow the chicken soup at Batya can cure cancer??? SERIUSLY?!

anglosaxy (Tel Aviv, Israel):Tagging Efficiency 0/1 OMG 3/5 places mentioned has alcohol!! and now I want my sake, my sangria and homemade beer??!!! darn and I'm at work now!!!


LB (San Giovanni in Marignano, Italy): Tagging efficiency 5/5 Winner of the tagging efficiency with all 5 of the people he tagged doing it!!! No wonder he is nominated for best blogger he put in there!!! Gosh you can never go wrong with italian food!!! Anyone for an all yummylicious italian holiday??!!

Caroline (Rome, Italy):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 wooo authentic roman food…never had that before…must try Nino…Da Fortunato Al Pantheon looks so good!! The atmosphere looks pretty good!


The Moody Minstrel (Namegata in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan) Tagging efficiency 1/5 Need I say once I saw someone from Japan doing this tag, I straight away went to the site and check it out...I WISH I WAS THERE!! japanese foods are just wicked....and Mos burger made the top 5..woo hoo...

Pandabonium (Kashima City, Ibaraki, Japan): Tagging efficiency 0/0 Didn't tag anyone either..another person in japan doing the tag...i thought the pic of the waxed window display food looks so good!!! enuff to make me drool anytime! and haha the yoshinoya featured so does not look like the normal yoshinoya!

Tanabata (Saitama, Japan): Tagging efficiency 2/3 I want to go back to Japan straight away and just try some of those food men...looks so so yummy!!! extremely well rounded, from sushi to noodles to mmmm yummy!! very nicely done post!! but that person no link me!! :( :(

Danny (Tokyo, Japan):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Woo hoo another person in japan did the tag….yoshinoya made it thanks to its effieciency..haha it is pretty much everywhere there! The Tong Thai FC in Shin Okubo sounds good too…a touch of Thai in the land of the rising sun…


Velverse (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia): Tagging efficiency 4 1/2 /5 What can I say? Thanks so much cuz for making the tag look so much more cool and setting up the link thingy! Thanks so much cuz for doing the tag and supporting it and making it look so delicious! Thanks so much cuz for future going to bring me to eat at all 5 of the places when I come back in June :)

Alice Teh (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did not tag anyone…After going around the world the tag meme finally came back to Malaysia!!! The coffee shop near home sounds so good!! Yam baskets? Mmmmm and sizzling tofu with eggs?? Drool I miss that!! Loong Foong and Hooi Loong? Never hear of those places but will try going when I’m back

sulz (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia):Tagging Efficiency 4/5 Ahh my fellow malaysian....I love Chili’s one can beat their yummy chocalate fudge!!! Drool....I had the benefit of trying Italiannies when I was back there...the servings there are huge!!!! Peppercorn??? Wonder if it is in Subang?? I used to love that place 8 years back!!!! And Lotus/Sri Paandi’s?? Where is this?

MJ (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia):Tagging Efficiency 0/5 I agree Genki Sushi and Sakae sushi is ze best...I damn love those places too...and secret recipe!!! Arghhh I forgot to go there when I was back..I so love the oreos cheesecake there!! Chilis and their molten choc is seriusly to die for...I used to love going to Jusco to get their sushi too for my lunch at school....the best!

Chen (Penang, Malaysia):Tagging efficiency 1/5 Just did the post quite recently..the penang food??!! OMG OMG OMG!! I love penang food..there is just this thing about it..the ice kacang?! OMG I'm going to faint from over excitement and over jealousy!!! how?! I wonder if can tar pow all the way here? hmmmmm

Kenny Ng (Penang, Malaysia):Tagging efficiency 1/4 since he tagged someone who did it b4...penang food again!! HEAVENLY!! I WANT GO PENANG NOW!! there is just this thing about penang and ice kacang!! good post nonetheless..even with a google earth picture to show exact location! GENIUS!

Alicia (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia)Tagging efficiency n/a due to she just did the post super recently...proud to say that since me from PJ, I've been to 3 out of the 5 shops mentioned!! Woo hoo..we have almost similar taste I see..I think Murni in SS2 is ze best men..esp their cheese nann with condensed milk!! HEAVENLY!

Bkworm (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia):Tagging efficiency 0/0 Ahh another fella from PJ!! been to only 1 of the place mentioned (not including McDonald that is..although I agree with him!! mcdonald is ze best!)..the lala chong is seriusly not bad...went there a while back I quite like it! the other places he mention look so secluded but nice

The Eternal Wanderer (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia):Tagging Efficiency 0/5 Yeah Chili’s is better than TGIF.....And I love Secret Recipe too....must try the other places mentioned especially Dragon-I and California Pizza Kitchen..

My Fairy Tale (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia):Tagging Efficiency0/0 Did not tag anyone and just mentioned one place..her home  how to go there?!

Anything Goes (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia):Tagging Efficiency0/5 I think I’ve tried the rojak mee and cendol from those vans around USJ/subang before...those are like super yummy men!! Nothing beats squatting down at the side of the road for those....Sti Paandi banana leaf restaurant is good too...wish I can go back there!!!

Adrian (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia):Tagging Efficiency0/0 Did not tag anyone...Oooh I love Chili’s too!! Miss it so much ever since I moved to Sydney....and I’ve been to the old town Char Kueh Teow too....really yummy I admit!The dim sum at Tai Thong Dim Sum is always good!

Mariuca (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia):Tagging Efficiency 5/5 I agree Fatty Crab at Taman Megah certainly has one of the best crabs around!!! And my Steven’s Corner seriously expanded quite far since the last time I went there..and I agree too Paddington House of Pancakes is yummylicious!

A Great Pleasure (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 Tak Fook Restaurant sure do have yummy crabs!! But is always so packed! Mmmm butter chicken @ Ampang sounds really good too!!! Can’t wait for more detailed post about it!

Simple Life (Subang Jaya, Malaysia):Tagging Efficiency1/3 Wah the Pan Mee at Lian Heng SS19 looks so good....and I defiantely need to give Char Siew at Ming kee a go next time...a bit far though from me...and the claypot loh Shee fun at MunCourt looks so good!!! I’m seriously missing Malaysian food so much!!!

cheepeeone (Around Malaysia):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone.. The food looks so good!! I think I've tried the Hollywood Cafe Chee Cheong Fun before...mmmm loooks so good!! and the special sirap bandung at restaurant Desa Selatan look so absolutely divine!!!


Pink Panther (Macau, China):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Super nice person..didn’t post it in her blog but put in my comment section!!! I asked a Macao friend of mine she agreed with the Margaret’s café & nata for yummy yummy egg tart!! I can’t wait!!!!

New Zealand

Tash (Auckland, New Zealand):Tagging Efficiency 0/1 Eggs Benedict at The Lilypad sound so tempting!! and in an art gallery too?? that would mean great views great atmosphere?? Want to fly there straight away!!! Now is my turn to check for ticket price to Auckland from Sydney..

Jen (Hawkes Bay, New Zealand):Tagging Efficiency 1/5The Rose and Shamrock Village Inn sounds good!!! Authentic irish bar..yumm..Hot Chick and Cool Cat sounds so cute for a place…must try going to this place if I go to New Zealand

Kaf’s Corner (Christchurch, New Zealand):Tagging Efficiency 0/5 Mmm Bealey Speights Ale House sounds good..with different beer to math the food?! Wow…Under The Red Verandah also sounds good…sounds like they have an excellent décor there too…might try that place if me go to NZ


Karla the Texpatriate(Oslo, Norway):Tagging Efficiency 1/5Woo Haveli a Pakistani restaurant sounds good to me..although warning from her their wine list price is a shocker..make that a fainter too..:D and you can never go wrong in The Pub…s great hangout place on a nice Friday night!

Tor (Oslo, Norway):Tagging Efficiency 1/5Lille Herbern sounds good!! The view is spectacular! And seafood at Solsiden looks very freash and yummy..and Stortingsgaten 22 looks very cool place!! Peking duck? Yum!

Keera (Bergen, Norway):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag nor link anyone…but woo Norwegian food sounds so great as described by her..the Floien Folk Restaurant and their fish and shellfish stew?? Wow I’m just drooling thinking about it…

Nrg (Norway):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did it on the comment section..A place called Dinner for chinese restaurant….peking duck!! Yummy I love that..first person to mention it..but this one you have to book in advance….so be aware! Or not no nice peking duck!


Kimmie (Manila, Phillipines): Tagging efficiency 0/5 Full of yummy yummy food...and she didn't follow the meme because she did 7 instead of 5 yes full of yummy food...and perhaps in future a pic of Paul the waiter which she was mmmm-ing about..hehe..the steak looks really yummy and wooo I so want to try the Chocalate Kiss Cafe..sounds like a place for me definately!!

Puerto Rico

Laura (Central West, Portugal):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 Woo first one from Portugal who did the tag…and Tromba Rija and their big buffet sounds so tempting…must try though A Coudelaria since I’ve never had portugese food before

Puerto Rico

Eslocura Aguas (Buenas, Puerto Rico):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone..but wah lau our first puerton Rico who did this!! They have such diverse food!! Like a mix of Africa, Europe and American..yummy!


eastcoastlife (East Coast, Singapore):Tagging efficiency 1/5 Just did the post recently..I didn't even know Singapore had good food..haha but most of it looks like what we get in Msia...dun mind going to the Hong Kong Tea House though..the building look so ancient and old fashioned..sweet...

Leonard (Singapore): Tagging efficiency 0/0 After this tag, ok no more saying Singapore has no good food..because the food pictures he put there was so yummy looking!! he took a while to respond to the tag..I would presume he was busy snapping pics away during that time..haha good job!! dedication is the key...dedication as in to fill his tummy with yummy yummy singaporean food!!

Diana (Singapore):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 The word cheese lobster has already caught my full attention to River Quay Seafood!!! Lobster with cheese ok!!! I can’t think of anything else now! Bobby in Chijmes with their prime ribs sounds good too….very western feel to an asian country…

Janice Ng-This is a miracle (Singapore):Tagging Efficiency0/5 Ok I think the shark fin soup at Pen Cai definitely will blow my eating budget way way off...but i don’t mind trying once i find someone to pay!! And otoro sashimi? Sounds like a very yummy expensive sashimi!!!

Blur Ting (Singapore):Tagging Efficiency0/4 Wah seh next time I visit Singapore I must try teh Jumbo Seafood Restaurant!! The chilli crab there looks divine!!! And I love satay, laksa and chicken rice too!! And ice kacang!! The picture looks really good!!!

South Africa

Angel (Gauteng, South Africa):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 I’m seriously so happy…come on men..Africa!!! My tag went that far!!! And haha yes they do have Mcdonald in Africa…haha top 5 again!!! And hmm not many African food mentioned…café bugatti sounds like a cute café….dunno what they serve there because not mentioned…

Tom Cat (Joburg, South Africa):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 Wow another post from Africa!! The Loft looks like a very exquisite place to go there..hmm I wonder if Joburg is a spot for FIFA World Cup?? I so want to visit Africa now!

Mangaliso (Joburg, South Africa):Tagging Efficiency 0/5Wow there is japanese food in Africa in Benkei…I seem to recall someone else also mentioning Soi is a good place to eat…and Bismillah? Sounds like a very middle eastern sort of thingy

Mzungu (Cape Town, South Africa):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did not tag anyone..did it in one of the comment section..really should read…nice places mentioned and even description of what to order!! Very well done

South Korea

Bybee (Seoul, South Korea):Tagging efficiency 0/0 WAH my tag is getting to a lot of places!!! haha finally a south korea one came up!! wah me miss the food in korea...the food she mentioned sounds good good good too!!! i want to go back now..but I'll skip hte pork intestine..not me cup of tea..haha velverse cup of tea only i think


Mar (Barcelona, Spain):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did not tag anyone…What? Dinner is not served before 9pm? I usually have dinner at 6!! But mmm Cerveceria Catalana sounds tapas food!! And a beerhall at the same time!! :D


Kikare (Scania, Sweden):Tagging efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone..and did not write link so luckily I was looking around for potential ppl who might have did the tag...I especially like the concept of a book cafe..look so peaceful, quiet and cosy! the other local food featured looks really good too...Another potential place to visit in future

Mark Base (Helsingborg, Sweden):Tagging Efficiency 3/5I was half expecting lots of meatballs..but nah no worries ppl…and they are vegetarian option..lettuce..haha guess I won’t be needing that…but Olssons Skafferi and Charles Dicken Pub sounds very good and yummy place…and Gyllene Prag and czech food….sounds good to me..and with a good beer..nothing can go wrong…

Miss Kitten (Uddevalla, Sweden):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did not tag anyone.. I want to go to Einars Bakery and Cafe now..i love pastries!!! and cactuz?? such a cute little name with yummy sounding food!!! and after that maybe go to Harry’s Bar and Restaurant to drown down the food with nice yummy beer!!


Sara (Geneva, Switzerland):Tagging Efficiency 1/5Bains De Paquis and their best fondue?? OMG OMG I want to go there straight away now leh!!! And is it me but even the Japanese sushi place in Switzerland have such cool names L'Annexe Kotobuki


Cherry & SiamJai (Chiang Mai, Thailand)Tagging efficiency 0/0 He didn't tag anyone...but foodwise looks good!!! The kurtos kalacs a special Hungarian delicacy looks so great!! it is like hungarian version of a donut!!! 2 parts to this post. For 2nd post (especially of the kurtos kalacs click here

Jane (Bangkok, Thailand):Tagging efficiency 0/0 did not tag anyone..but woo from bangkok!! haha must visit some of the places mentioned when I go there in June...see tag mission #1 completed..thank you thank you....hmm which one should we go first cuz?? maybe the japanese food one?


Carpetblogger (Istanbul, Turkey):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did not tag anyone..lots of photos in the a bit of a mix food with some US food and some Ukraine food too..this person must have travelled a lot… wow talk about a world wide food choices!!! Kafe Bogatir and their pork really looks so yummy! and Doga Balik and their description sounds with a view...yum!

United Arab Emirates

Radha (Dubai, United Arab Emirates):Tagging efficiency 0/5 Wow my tag went until Dubai happy!! and she tagged a lot of ppl from around that fingers crossed more ppl can join in the fun. I did find her mention of Pakistani cuisine very intresting...too bad is quite hard to find pakistani food isn't very famous..definately must try when get the chance to!

United Kingdom

Olivia (London, England) Tagging efficiency 1/5 Super friendly gal!And most super yummy food!! The design of one of the restaurant called Yauatcha looks so good!!! definate a must must go the next time I'm in London!! One of the Top 50 of UK food...YUM!!!! there are also american food there because she used to live!

Wennnn (London, United Kingdom):Tagging efficiency 2/5 Wow jap, korean, chinese all in one post!! superb!! and her own kitchen? hmmm too bad I won't be getting an invitation anytime soon!! But I did hear she is a super good cook..and the food pics!!! LOTS OF THEM!! FOOD picture galore!

Vol Abroad (London, England):Tagging Efficiency 4/5..The White Eagle is something new to me...polish food..never heard of those before..and also there are 2 indian places mentioned and an asian joint called Gerrard's Corner...very well rounded....short and concise pictures though but there are links to the places mentioned for us to drool...:D

Jen’s Den of Iniquity (London, England):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 Bodean BBQ sounds yummy…an authentic American BBQ place…Tsunami a small little hidden Japanese sushi place sounds good too…now why wasn’t I told of all this before I went to London few years back?

Cheezy (London, England):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 North Pole in Canary Wharf sounds good to me…no frills food but wah egg & bacon and everything else I like for a nice unhealthy brekkie!! I can’t wait for the ppl he tag to do the tag!! All over the place!

Clarissa (London, UK):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone…but one of the blog readers did it.. Rodizio Rico and pig sounds super duper yummy..I'll skip the salad bar though..woo best sushi in Yoshino?? ok next time me in London me going there!

TheBoy (London, UK):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone…woo more than 5 places mentioned….Yoshino again came up so yes must go there…and The Vineyard?? Sounds very cute…must go must go although me no vegetarian..but cucumber icecream sounds very different!!!

Nicole In London (London, England):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did not tag anyone…Bodean’s BBQ must be very nice since a few ppl mentioned it…Banana Leaf Canteen sounds good!!! I’m Malaysian at heart anyway…Al Kebabish sounds very neat…and hidden…chicken tikka roll sounds yummy!

Krista in London/Londonelicious (London, England):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 Mmmm crunchy tuna roll at Pham? YUM!!! So want to try that! The Fox sounds good too…I always love all those pub foods..and definitely must go to Crazy can neglect the margaritas?

Dandelion (England, Great Britain):Tagging Efficiency 3/5I thought this person did quite well for someone trying to remain anonymous as to his/her whereabouts…The Savoy sounds good for a nice traditional english tea…so the posh posh posh

Windy (England, UK):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 Gibby’s Restaurant looks good...the steak shown looks so heavenly and juicy! Juniper’s sounds post and yummy too...I’m sure hte paella and sangria are delicious! Post was divided into 2..and her number 1 place is Jamie’s Oliver Fifteen Restaurant!!! Wow this is a place I’ve been wanting to go for years!!!!! I MUST MUST TRY THIS THE NEXT TIME!

Melinda June (Milton Keynes, UK):Tagging efficiency 0/0 Didn't tag anyone...The Swan at Stalford sounds like a nice cosy place to be changes regularly very nice idea!! atleast no one else can be bored..Carluccios sounds like a really cute italian restaurant with an equally cute name....

Ultra Toast Mosha God (Bristol, UK):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 another one who did it at the comment tab! Only heard of wagamama!! We have it here but so expensive here..The porto lounge sounds nice too…an oasis in the cultural desert of fishpond…wow

Al (Liverpool, England):Tagging Efficiency 1/2Ok maybe not really my cup of tea because this guy is a vegetarian!! But the places mentioned does sound quite yummy and I’m sure there are meat there to suit my palette!! And wah a place at Lake District..nice!! the places there are so awesome!!!!

EBEZP (Wirral, Merseyside, UK):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 woo yumm yummm crispy duck at Ming Dynasty sounds awfully tempting…Boulevard Restaurant sounds high class style but not too bad I think the price..must give that a go if me around there

TopChamp (Glasgow, UK):Tagging Efficiency 3/4 Did not tag anyone…but one of the blog readers did it...extremely diverse food..there is scottish food @ The Sisters..sounds like a nice place….but also sound ex..there is also Indian, thai, and Italian..told you it was diverse

badgerdaddy (Ludlow, Shropshire, England):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 This Tea House up Clee Hill sounds so good!! Imagine having nice brekkie with one of the best views around….definately worth the drive from Ludlow…sounds like a very small English town…cute!

livesbythewood (Bath, England):Tagging Efficiency 0/0wow she mentioned sally lunn’s bread…ah now I know the origin of it..I have to say that I’ve tried it before and yes those are to die for…super duper yummy!!!! Even I would recommend that!!!

Ad (Yorkshire, United Kingdom):Tagging Efficiency 0/5The Drum & The Monkey??? What do you think that place is??? Seafood place… But sound so cute men…haha and since I’m a sucker for cute things….must try here….And Brymor Ice cream parlour?? Go to the link provided…so many ice icream picture!!!!! The Clotted Cream Ice Cream looks good to me!

Ms Melancholy (Yorkshire, UK):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did not tag anyone but one of the blog readers did it….nice sounding places..The Fountaine Inn at Linton and their signature lamb shank dish…mmm tell me how not to drool?? And do visit Prashaad Chaad House for nice Indian food and sexy waiter..:D

Beth (Dublin, Ireland, United Kingdom):Tagging Efficiency 2/5Oh yeah men our first irish tag doer….So anything nice in Dublin? Botticelli sounds good with their enourmous gigantic amout of food…but be forewarned about the slow pace service..The Bistro also sounds like a good place to go to!

Alan (Waterford, Ireland):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone..mmmm margaritas at Acapolco!!! Yum….Bodega sounds like a good place too!! 47 The Bistro and their massive portion sounds good!! I’m so hungry now!

Queenie (Nottinghamshire, UK):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did not tag anyone..but wow this person has loads of cool looking pics..definite must see.. the red hot world buffet place looks so good!!! i'm sure ample amount of food and the settings are really nice!!! and the fish from Saltwater?? makes me want to grab it right now and eat!!!!

Sketti (Hertfordshire, England):Tagging Efficiency 2/5I'm seriusly craving for nice fried chicken and chips now at FISH 'n' CHICKn'....i love fish and chips too..Lamb Xacute at the The Tamarind Tree sounds good and yummy..cute name

All Cobblers (The Sticks, England):Tagging Efficiency 0/5 Mondellos sounds nice and homey!! and free amareto? what is that? must try Lemonia next time me in London!! greek food sounds good!!

LondonGirl (London, UK):Tagging Efficiency 1/5Locanda Locatelli look so posh!!! Must go there...I'll just save up loads of money first...and steaks at Gaucho Grill sounds heavenly...Meat meat and more meat

PinkJellyBaby (London, UK):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone… Wow tea Tea Savoy sound so tradional and posh!! and scones?? YUMMMMM love those!! and cocktails at the Cinnamon Club?? wooo I want those too!!!

Ripe London (London, England):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 I love tapas..but sexy tapas? Haha I so want to go to Salt Yard..and sticky toffee pudding?!!! My god just 3 words is making me drool!! Yum!!!!

New Yorkshire Pudding (London, England):Tagging Efficiency 0/5 Mmmm best dim sum in London??? Haha ok ok when I go to London next time I’m going to Royal China....Carraffini veal milanese sounds very yummy too..and tartes at Almeida??? And trolley of them??? WOOO!!!!

Rullsenberg (Nottingham, England):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone… Petit Paris looks so so posh!! and I would think the food must be great...want to go there now! the vic, beestone sounds good too..nothing beats a good old english pub!

Graham (Birmingham, UK):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone…Omelettes at Garfunkel sounds gorgeous..woo and sizzling steaks at The Hamstead? Haven’t had that for a while

Sarah (Lancashire, England):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone…Nice pictures!! Especially the wedding ones…Bella Vista does look like a really neat restaurants..Waterside Restaurant and Bar look so cool….with tapas too!! yummy

Shrink Wrapped Scream (Douglas, Isle Of Man, UK):Tagging Efficiency 1/5Bibendom sounds stylish…but hmm expensive…but that would mean the food has to be good….The Water Margin sounds good too…Cantonese and peking food..yummy

United States Of America

ML (Utah, USA): Tagging efficiency 3/5 Food featured on her top 5 looks so posh and exquisite!!! I so want to just fly there right now and just dine in style!!! I wonder if it is very expensive? One of the place was an member's only oyster bar! SHOCKING!! SO UNIQUE!! So special! I like! Next stop anyone?

Laluna (California,USA): Tagging efficiency n/a Almost missed this post because she didn't link it back..and she didn't link her tagged cannot find out whether they did it or wise? not too bad not too bad...the rack of lamb picture she showed look so juicy and yummy!! lamb craving now!

Teczcape (California, USA): Tagging efficiency 1/5 First this site has lots and lots of food picture on its own..but with the meme wooo the pics looks good!!the yumcha and indian food pic is so nicely taken!! can just imagine the food she mentioned is right in front of me!! she also recomended thai and vietnamese food..very very asian feel! and she didn't forget the everlasting fastfood of burgers!! In-N-Out Burger...first time I heard of it

J (California, USA): Tagging efficiency 1/5 Food mentioned here look so elegant and sophisticated!! Mainly were french food but the places mentioned are like wooo..esp the Rivoli and La Folie..AND OMG she found an indian buffet place?? buffet? indian?! wow makes me want to go there straight away and dig myself into some curry and dhal!!!

Matt (San Francisco, California, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/3 What caught my short attention was the Absinthe Brassarie and Bar!! ABSINTHE?!!! I wonder if they sell the alcohol with it too??? Imagine downing absinthe with oyster and caviar to go along with it???? HEAVEN!!!!!! SHIOK!!!!

Emily (San Francisco, California, USA):Tagging Efficiency 3/5 woo yummy yummy burritos..and indian ice cream??? geez I've never tasted one before...sound very different..and woo miyabi sushi...with sappporo??? wah!!!

Spectre Collie (San Francisco, California, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/3 I agree katsu curry house are so good!!! I must go to Manpuku if I have the chance..Enchilada Vallarta at Casa Mañana sounds heavenly!!! drooling just thinking of it!! I htink someone who did the tag before mentioned Sushi Ko...

the weirdgirl (San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 Chelokababi’s Persian food sounds good!!!! Fiorello’s and the herb crusted shrimp is making my mouth water!! I like French food too so will try make my way to Le papillon if I got the chance

Paul (Santa Maria, California, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/5 Another Applebee’s fans..haha I’m proud to say I’ve atleast tasted one restaurant mentioned....I love taco bell too..Orcutt burger sounds good...onion rings!!!

Miss Kendra (Los Angeles, california, USA):Tagging Efficiency 4/5 ahhh a little cheating on the tag but hehe worth it men…Going to Revere Beach for a nice roast beef…there is just this thing about meat which I swear to god even me would travel far and low just to taste it!! Mmmmm and burrito lover?? Haha first one in this tag since most ppl like tacos…

Shephard's Alley (Los Angeles, California, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/1Bossa Nova, a brazilian place sounds tempting with the roast chicken…but woo the best place for chocolate mousse? I’m in for that!!! Celestino one of the best Italian place with their home made pasta..and ooh ooh gelatos??? Orghhhh

Jiggs Casey (Berkeley, CA, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/4 Wow this person put 6 places instead of 5..and 2 out of those are vegetarian stuffs!! Aiks!!! There is actually a Japanese vegan place called Cha-Ya..I never never knew Japanese would have a vegan store..shocking!!!

Valancy Jane (San Diego, CA, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/7 Wow tag so many ppl!! Haha good good…hmm this person must really love tacos style of food…got a Albert Taco shop and Ali Baba which should be more kebab style…yum…another place would be a bar called The Brigantine in Del Mar…so posh sounding already!

CP (Brooklyn, New York, but formerly of West Hollyrock, California, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/5I was wondering why this person had such long place name..he actually wrote about Californian food and not new york food…the picture of his roadside taco stand look so cute!!fish tacos? First time I hear..the abbey on Robertson Boulevard look like a very nice cosy place to chill and have coffee

Julie (San Jose, California, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 Wooo I think someone mentioned Blue Mango before..sounds good! Fiesta Del Mar mmmm sounds good for me..enchiladas and margaritas..perfect!! and wooo coffee cake at Hobees yummy!

Higgy's Mindnumbingly Boring Blog (Sacramento, California, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 Slocum House sound so weird..posh on the inside and outside eat with the free ranging chicken?? Haha but sounds good!! Rio City Café sounds like they have very nice atmosphere..and Sher E Punjab and Indian buffet..yummy!

Foodette of Restaurant Review World (Los Angeles, California, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 Nice food blog!!!! Takao sound sso good..I love sushi!!! Yummy….and Bread & Porridge sounds so good…I love all these heacy breakfast!! Pancakes with eggs and omelettes!! The Brentwood sounds good too!! With kobe burger?!!! Drool!!!

WriterChick (California, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/5 Yummy Pink Hotdog sounds yummy!!! Barney’s sound like a very old fashion sort os place….and million of brands of beer?? Wooo!!! And Al Read’s and fried clam??? Hungry now!

A Million Paths (Queens, NY):Tagging Efficiency 1/5Mmm raspberry cider at Heartland Brewery sounds absolute yummy..and woo I love cupcakes too!! Must try go to Crumbs Bakeshop if me around there..Pio Pio sounds so cute!!!

Paula (Orange County, California, U.S.):Tagging Efficiency 4/5I want go to Matsu for their sushi and sashimi..but I more want to go to Lazy Dog because they sound like they have yummy calamari appetizer and apple crisp for desert!! What more can I ask for?

JP (Orange County, California, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/1 Mmm in n out burger!! I so wish they have a chain here!! Senor Campos & Tillie’s sounds good too..wet bean and cheese burrito…yum…and shark sushi..haha I wonder if they serve real shark there

Amy (California, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 Woo JB’s & Maries look good and posh…and Elephant Bar restaurant..although is a chain..I still think it sounds good….cute name too!

Julie (California, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone… Wooo the food pics look really good there...I'm getting hungry looking at Bittersweet Bistro pic...the place look so nice...yummy!

Paul (Santa Maria, California, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/5 Wooo onion rings!!! Orcutt Burger sounds good…as long as there is yummy onion rings..mexican at casa manana sounds good..

Simple American (Sugar Land, Texas, USA):Tagging efficiency 3/5 Super friendly bloke all the way in Texas..the king of tags..and he make me want to just jump straigt into the plane go Texas and eat eat is that steak picture that I can't seem to forget!! super yummy tender looking MEAT!!!!

Insidious Truth (Dallas, Texas, USA): Tagging efficiency 0/0 Didn't tag anyone...gave more than 5 places to eat...ooh and so like me...haha anything with the word buffet would always be good!!! Lots of mexican food, but also did not neglect chinese food and pizzas...

Andi (Dallas, Texas, United States):Tagging efficiency 3/3 One of her blog readers decided to join in the fun...nicely done post...she mentioned a yummy catfish (and other fish) buffet for 10 bucks...ooh she got me with the word all you can eat dy!! The Clay Pit Indian Restaurant not sure what the food looks like but the place look kinda cute..wonder how the food would taste like..sure would be yum..

Illiiana (Dallas, Texas, United States):Tagging Efficiency 2/3 café brazil sounds like a yum yum place for a nice cuppa coffee and pancrepes…and dream café with their yummy mocha café latte…suddenly I feel like having coffee now…the other 2 places mentioned are mexican food…thumbs up for the mexicans

Christine (Dallas, Texas, United States):Tagging Efficiency 1/2 Hattie’s Restaurant at Bishop Art District sounds interesting with their American bistro with a touch of southern influence..I wonder what it looks like and what the food taste like..the ambience sounds good enuff to me..

Dagromm (Dallas, Texas, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/5Huh? A chinese place run by Mexican?? Well as the person said atleast they are honest about it Ying’s Chinese/Mexican Jalapeno Grill…sounds very interesting though..dun you think?

Mob (Midland, Texas United States):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 I have this sudden craving for huge chunks of steaks right now thanks to this!! Cattleman’s Steakhouse looks like a nice place for it…Wall Street Bar & Grill sounds absolutely tempting too with their charming décor description

Jennifer (Texas, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/5I’m like going nuts looking at her description of so so so so many muffins in Rao’s Bakery!! Even I haven’t seen or heard of those such muffins before..yummmmm

Jaye (Texas, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone and didn’t even link me..sob sob…anyways Uchi a new Japanese style cooking place sounds good…she suggested not going there for sushi but for Scallop Stuffed Squash Blossoms, or the Maguro Sashimi and Goat Cheese, the Hot Rock and the Valrhona Chocolate and Wasabi Fondant..YUMMY!

Anne (Texas, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/4 Now I'm seriusly getting hungry looking at the description of Snuffers and their cheese fries!!! Never tried that before but 2 of me fav food together is like heaven!!!!

Fringes (around Houston, Texas,US):Tagging Efficiency 4/5Woo another person mentioning Pei Wei and PF Chang..I think these 2 places are definite must go..Central Market on The Run sounds like a neat idea..haha go there buy dinner and act as if you cook yourself..sweet!

Mamacita (Houston, Texas, USA):Tagging Efficiency 3/5Was not tagged did the meme voluntarily.. Raven Grill and their molten chocalate cake is making me realy hungry!!! Along with Tony Mandola's Gulf COast Kitchen and their crameat shrimp spaghetti!!! drool

Angela (Houston, Texas, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did not tag anyone.. What??!! 7 places instead of 5?? I'm already drooling after hearing about Mason Jar waffle..and then pappas burger came along made me crave for burgers...but then little pappasito's and the beef fajita and garlic butter??? with raspberry margarita??? YUM!!!

Baboon Pirates (Houston, Texas USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/5 Mmmmm ribs at williams steakhouse sounds smackingly yummy!!!mambo seafood?? hmmm must definately put that on my to go list too

Diamond Mair (Houston, Texas, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 I'm already drooling after reading about Penzione Stara Roudna 2.2 pounds of beef!!! and mix grill?? my old time favourite!! the best of everything! and Los Vientos de Garcia melt in the mouth beef brisket? I'm so hungry now!

Sara (Austin, Texas, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/2 A lot of ppl mentioned tacos but wow taco deli and their The Mojo de Ajo Tacos sounds really good!!!and Trulucks and their wine bar with it's CO2 replacement system sounds I want to go there ands see what is all about

Stef (Austin, Texas, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did not tag anyone…did it at the comment section..el Chile looks like they have nice yummy ribs…and wooo sushi and sake at musashino!!! What else could be better?

HollyB (North Central, Texas, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/5 I think someone mentioned Ruby’s Diner before..sounds good!! The Green house and their club sandwich on sour dough with sweet tater fries sounds very yummy!! And mmmm Mazatlan and enchiladas!! Drooling thinking about it

Fuzz (Spur, Texas, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 Sizzle Shrimp sounds like an absolute yummy little thingy at Orlando’s!!! and Mmmm I love bbq too..must try joe allen’s…Furr’s Cafetaria sounds good..all me can eat..and so many food!! Drool!

Anton Olsen (New Braunfels, Texas, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/5 Friesenhaus sounds good....I love schnitzel and wurst!!! And The Gruene Onion Grill and their alcohol selection sounds like a place for me....fried macaroni and cheese??? I’ve heard of baked but definately not fried...definitaly will try it if I have the chance

Amy of Nook & Pantry (Seattle, Washington, USA): Tagging efficiency 1/5 No food pics but the decription of the food can already make you salivate!! Mirak a korean BBQ place looks like a place I would sure visit frequently if I'm there..and Le Fournil sounds like a really yummy bakery!!! and she did 1/2 extra by putting in her favourite drink from the Jone Soda Company..looks good!!

Amera Hearts (Seattle, Washington):Tagging Efficiency 0/5La Panier with the best chocolate croissant!! There is just something about chocolate and croissant together that makes it a super good combination…and Marrakesh yummy morrocan food….along with a not so hot belly dancer…:)

Mochi (Seattle, Washington, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/3 wow so many food!!! the crepes at Supreme looks really good!! and $7 latte martinis??? feel like just jumping onto a plane straight away and go there...and hmmm more than 5 places mentioned!!

Humuhumu (Seattle, Washington, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 Nice pictures! Toyoda Sushi looks really good..the chef there look so friendly..I love sushi!!! Must try this place...Paseo looks very cute too...heaps of ppl but I presume is because of their good sandwich

Sig of Live to Eat (Seattle, Washington, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone…BUT definitely must read!! The pictures there are fantastic!!! I was already drooling when I saw Fried Egg Sandwich from Macrina Bakery...then came the yummy looking curry crab from Malay Satay Hut...then Pan seared foie gras with caramelized apples from Harvest Wine look so good!! Cascadia and their mini burgers look so cute!! nice presentation

Sizzle (Seattle, Washington, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone..I think someone mentioned Blue C Sushi before..I love sushi too!!! Yummy…and Red Mill Burgers and their perfecto burger?? Mmm I’m really starting to get hungry now!

Steve (around Seattle, Washington):Tagging Efficiency 0/5 Hmm 10 places our of 5??? The more the better….Mizithra at Old Spaghetti Factory sounds unique…will give that a go if I’m around there..and Bahama Breeze does sound so fake…but I presume the food is good..

Shari (Washington, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/Did not tag anyone…Wild Huckleberry sounds like a yummy breakfast place..if only I would wake up that time…but Visconti’s with their ever changing menu suits me more!! Imagine never having to choose the same food over and over again!

Mommy de Gallo (Washington, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did the tag on the comment section!! But forgiven with the 1st place she put being Chun and Korean place with home made kimchi and mmm galbi!!! Yummy!!! My god and a $10 buffet at Shogun Restaurant (a mix of Japanese and American food?) anyone want to pay my airline ticket NOW?!

Alasdair (Walla Walla, Washington, U.S.A):Tagging efficiency 2/5Wow today i learn there is 2 new drive in place in USA Fast Eddy's and Ice Burg...I really like drive ins ok..give it the very special feel to me..different..convenient!!and patit creek restaurant she mentioned sounds like a very nice place..with yummy steaks...woo hoo

Travis (Pacific Northwest,Washington,USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone..mentioned that The Keg is a nice place for steaks..someone who did the tag before did mention that too…and The Crab Pot..just look at the description and you know being well mannered is no use here..barbaric way is the way to go

Candy Sandwich (Washington, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 Banana Café sounds good…sangria with tortillas…yumm and woo Belga Café and their Het Stoofpotje of snails and froglegs sounds absolutely cool!!! And to top up with Belgian beers!! drool

Leah (Washington DC, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone and did the tag in the comment section..The Number 9 lounge sounds very good as a place to hangout to eat some small food and have a glass of wine..Radius in Mt Pleasant and their spicy meatball pizza sounds so tempting!!

Sonadora (Washington DC, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 Pizza Paradiso sounds good...and tiramisu...yummmy..Lebanese Taverna sounds good too...dun think many ppl mentioned good Lebanese food before

Mama Doggy Love (Rhode Island, USA): Tagging efficiency 0/0 The burger picture shown from Ruby Tuesday looks so yummy!! haha she even mentioned there how can stay vegan with that burger picture...I agree!! luckily me not vegan!! the pizza from Campanellas looks really good too...very well done meme

Wreckless (Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA): Tagging efficiency 2/6 The first restaurant he put on his top 5, was a VEGETARIAN PLACE!! arghh...haha ok maybe that is not my cup of tea, but the other places mentioned looks really good..especially no 4 Mulligan Pub..woo with music some casual but yet sounds so fun!

Dmarks (Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA): Tagging efficiency 1/1 Did not tag anyone because he is grumpy haha..but one of his blog reader did do the cute..he gave 2 steak place..and ooh one dessert place!! haha dessert truely a girl's best friend..mmmmm parfaits, sundaes, icecream!!! DROOLLL!!!!

Chris (Boyne City, Michigan, United States):Tagging efficiency 2/5 This guy seriusly mentioned some really interesting places...sounds like either very catholic or very methodist sort of place..never knew restaurants could be divided like that...Red Mesa Grill sounds like a really yummy mexican restaurant with grilled meats..woo and the place mentioned Pearls sound so oriental...but presume is more mexican since cajun is mexican..Applebee sound very cute!!! haha fine dining

Scooter (Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5Like seriously is not everyday you see a restaurant that calls themselves The Bomber Restaurant..I wonder bomb in what way too..hehe but for those of you males/females there wanting to know where to bring your dates, he mentioned Cady’s Grill is the place to go….

Tammy (Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone… OMG Kosmo Deli? the description is making me so hungry!! I love korean food...and the Seoul Dog sounds so special!!! and I love bibimbap too!!! ok I'm seriusly drooling a lot now!!

MomCooks (Lansing, Michigan, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 Waffles and pancakes at Flapjack Shack sounds so good! and spegetthi and meatballs at Emil’s Italian Ristorante sounds heavenly..yummy

Morgen (Michigan, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 wooo Zeke’s garlic rib-eye sounds so good..I’m seriously hungry now!!! Mr Moo’s sound so cute…and Texas Roadhouse grilled pork chop is making me drool all over my keyboard!

Killer Rants (around the globe, USA): Tagging efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone..more of told anyone who wants to do it to do it...arghh how to keep track now??? And all over the place food...even one in Cambodia!! you've got to give guy credit for that men...The Nodding Head Brew Pub in Philadelphia sounds like the place for me!! definate in my diary!!!

bookfool(Mississippi, USA):Tagging efficiency 0/0 Didn't tag anyone..but the post looks yummy enuff...I think with westeners they like to put bakery in it...I myself seem to be craving for pastries now...wooo and the grilled fish photo inside looks super good...and woo mexican food?! arghhh how i wish we have more here

Tense Teacher (Mississippi, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did not tag anyone but one of her reader did the tag..woo hoo..2 sushi places at Stix and Nagoya…old Venice sounds like a nice place to have old fashion wood fire pizza..yummy

Eric (George County, Mississippi, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/4 I dun think I have tried catfish before...I really want to try it now at Rocky Creek Catfish Cottage...and Hokie’s BBQ and Grill and their beef brisket sounds good...although I don't eat beef brisket..but anything BBQ is always good!

Jenna (Mississippi, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/5 Ah Ruby Tuesday again…past previous tag doers mentioned this place too!! Yummy….Lambert’s sounds good too…fried okra? Never tried that before

Becky (Grenada, Mississippi, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/5I think someone mentioned Cracker Barrel before…must be good..and catfish corner?? I must try catfish!!! A lot of ppl from Mississippi seems to be saying that!!!

Revellian (Mississippi Gulf Coast, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/7 Ah well Mcdonald is always one of the best food around!!! And casino?? Well nothing beats food and full blown entertainment...:D

Lulu (Chicago, Illinois, United States):Tagging efficiency 5/5Another tagging great...full marks!The first food she mentioned already hit my weak dogs at hot dougs? woooo cannot miss place for me!!!and Hopleaf bar with their bacon-wrapped rabbit leg or duck confit crepes sounds so special and yum..and their $11 mussels belgian style with beer and herbs?? that really sounds so good!! with a nice bottle of beer to go down with it!! heaven!!

Johnny Yen (Chicago, Illinois, USA):Tagging efficiency 3/5 He sure was right when he said the tag is going pretty fast around blogsphere!! even I'm having trouble keeping updated! Tango Sur sounds like a really cool argentinian restaurant to visit...and he mentioned he worked in this place called Jury...sounds like got yummy yummy food...woo and Hong Kong buffet?? too bad he didn't mention what food is there..but he did mention is not that wooo definite must go and try and see

Ubermilf (Chicago-ish, Illinois, United States):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 This person has such a cute blog design!! Haha love it…food wise…pasta alfredo at Clara’s sounds good!!! Yu’s with their home made noodle and noodle making show also strikes me as very creative….

Remedial Rumination (Chicago, Illinois, USA):Tagging Efficiency0/3 Heaven On Seven looks so nice!!! Never heard of the food before so will definatley try to visit this place if I ever drop by in Chicago..Shaw’s Crab House sounds good too....atmosphere looks good..and oh men the chocolate chip pancakes with strawberry syrup at The Original Pancake House is making me so hungry!!!!

CoffeeBetsy,(Moline, Illinois, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/5 Whitney’s Ice Cream sounds good! Might not be a restaurant but I don’t mind having that for dinner!!! And The River House sounds like a nice place to have a meal….and woo cream!! And hot fudge sundae?? My tummy is growling with hunger!

Thescoundrel (IA & IL, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone and did it on the comment section...So many places mentioned but what really interest me would be the iowa Machine Shed...sounds like a very homely type of place with nice pork dishes and apple dumpling?? Yummy!!! The Grinders and Spaghetti house sounds yummy too!!!

Natalie (Chicago, United States):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Didn't tag anyone...She didn't even link all the previous people..but she was super nice enuff to send me an email to tell me she did the tag!! pheww.the places she mentioned have rather cute zebra (who ever thought of that name)..Alice and Friends sounds like very nice korean restaurant too...mmmmI want to eat korean now!

Foodmomiac (Chicago, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did not tag anyone..but one of the blog readers did it...Although Hopleaf doesn't have much food there..but I'm definately going to be there if they have nice beer!!! Belgian beers are yum!!! Shaw's Crab House with their oyster bar sounds great too..wish I can go there and eat

Deadspot (Urbana, Illinois, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/3 This guys seriusly have a very nice sense of humour..haha and he sure can talk a lot!! haha but very nicely done tag...very detailed explanation of all the places he mention!! Crane Alley looks like a place for me..with their extensive wine and beer list?? mmmm..the cafe paradiso sounds like a nice place to chill too...i wonder how does the interior look though..hmmm

MrWriteNow (Chicago,USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 North Pond sound so romantic so posh!!! prb is I need to find a guy to go with me there first!! and noMI?? so tempting!!! hmm I'll skip the bring visa card part though since I hope whichever dude/gal who follows me will pick the tab up!

Bubs (Mt Prospect, Illinois, USA):Tagging Efficiency 4/5this person seriously is so efficient in tagging….so many ppl below him did the tag!! I’m having like a hard time playing catch up!! But let me see foodwise…there are Mexican, Japanese food in Sushi Ai, Thai food and Spanish food tapas!!! This is very well rounded!!! Can’t decide which one I like better

Splotchy (Brookfield, Illinois, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Didn’t tag anyone. But did mention a new food to me…guetamalan food..never heard of it anywhere before…I wonder what does it look like and taste like…must be pretty good….she also mentioned that moti mahal is a pretty good Indian restaurant around there so ppl in brookfield better listen…:)

AB (Cave Creek, Arizona, United States):Tagging efficiency 1/5 The places mentioned in Top 5 has such cute names!!! The Bad Donkey?? The Blue Wasabi?? oww so cute!! The blue wasabi sounds special...downing yourself with sushi and martini...sounds like high end living..Greasewood Flat sound like a very country place..haha and a chinese restaurant called Pei Wei?? so weird name..and she even put soft serve cone ice cream!! :D

Yas (Ahwatukee, Arizona USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/3Ra Sushi Bar got her first choice…a place to have sushi and is a real bar too…wah relax!! Imagine a pint of beer with sushi to down it with….that is life!!! She also mentioned Barro’s with their excellent pizzas!

Brianna (Phoenix, Arizona, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0I think is just around here that they have cute names for restaurants..I recall someone else saying Blue Wasabi is a nice place to go to..and Orange Table….all day breakfast? Wooo I wonder if it is on an orange table

Ralphd00d (Phoenix, Arizona, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/3 My Mother's sound really nice...anything traditional and wholesome is always good...and cajun at Pappadeaux's sounds so lvoely!!! drooling now

Gekko (Arizona, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/5PF Chang and Pei Wei again!!! Wow..but I must go to Shogun!! Japanese food yummy..Einstein Bros sounds good..bagel shop…we dun get much bagels around here

Heartless Lass (Sun City, Arizona):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag wise..hmmm lots of meat so carnivore heaven here…and 3 margaritas..who can resist margarita?? But what I can’t resist is Padre’s Murphy with their huge amount of tv screen!! 80!!! Like do they have bed there too??

The Phosgene Kid (El Mirage, Arizona, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Woo so many yummy pictures..first picture that strikes my attention was a picture of a cute smoking his place..haha..and Thee Pits Again sign is so cute with that little pig there…chinese take away, Italian, mexican and thai made the cut too!

RSP (Scottsdale, Arizona, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/3 Wow with Ra Sushi and Los Olivos having the best EVAH sushi and mexican...I will put it way up my list of places must go to eat...

Desert Songbird (Sonoran Valley, Arizona, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5Wildflower Bread Company and their roasted sweet potato sandwich sounds so good!!!! And WOOO blue moon cocktail at Arizona Pizza Company sound so good!!!!

Shelli (Minnesota, USA):Tagging Efficiency 3/5 I have to say that this blog has such a cute little design..damn like the female picture she put up lobster sounds like a nice place to go..and woo another steakhouse..I guess everyone in USA does like their meat a lot!!and wah a place called Doolittle Air Cafe..sound so cute!!! I want to go!!

Suzi (Minnesota, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 This person has like the longest decription of a heart touching story of Zantigo..haha a small outlet swallowed by the taco bell chain…that would mean it is nice right???

The Mutt Princess (Minnesota, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/3Keys and their club sandwich with real turkey meat sounds good!! Very traditional place with homemade food!! The Original Pancake House sounds good to me too since I love pancakes!!!

Katie (Minnesota,USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did not tag anyone..but any beer drinkers there??? This person has like 4/6 places mentioned having nice icy cold beer…yummy..Lion’s Tap sound good with their hand made burger and of course icy cold beer

Jess Poskozim (Minnesota, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did not tag anyone.. New Scenic Cafe and got cheese sounds very nice! and yeah although Anchor Bar serive would be bad I would definately go there for their yummy sounding!

TravellingMermaid (New Orleans, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did not tag anyone…Commanders Palace sounds posh!! And they serve like royalty? Woo hoo…yummy and $1 martini too..that is great…Johnny’s Po-Boys and oysters….drool

Heather (Greensboro, North Carolina, United States):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Didn't tag anyone...She has a really cool picture of a super yummylicious looking calamari rings!! looks so crunchy that I feel like just taking it off my computer screen!!! Bear Rock Cafe and Deli looks like a very cosy place to go to with their baked potato mountain chowder!! woo just the name of it sounds hearthy and warming my heart up!!!

Erin (North Carolina, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 Cassarino's and their braised sirloin tips with mozzarella cheese and a garlic cheese sauce is enuff to make me drool the whole night!!! that sound so good!!! And Friendly's square burger sound so unique!! must give that a try!

Jean (Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/5 Carolina's Brewery sounds good to me..a nice burger with a nice pint of beer..that is how life should be...

Jonathan Zero (North Carolina, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did not tag anyone.. All the food in Miss Ruby's sound so and chips..and homemade biscuits with honey butter???!! yum!! and to top it up Snicker's Pie with caramel and chocalate and peanuts??!!! My keyboard is going to short circuit soon due to me drooling all over it!

High Priestess Kang (Raleigh, North Carolina, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/5Did not tag anyone.. Dos Taquitos and tacos!! YUMMMY..but I think I rather go to Sawmill Tap Room for a nice huge yummy sounding burger and a pint of beer!!

Christi (Concord, North Carolina, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/5 Fat Cat Ice Cream looks like a good place to go!!! Woooo loads of ice cream!!! Carrabbas sounds good too…crab cakes…drool

Carrie (South Carolina, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 wow Valedictorian at Old School Soups and Subs sounds good!!! And Ward BBQ? I’m drooling just thinking of the yummy souding bbq sandwiches!

Dana (Greenwood, South Carolina, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/6 Kickers Takeout and baked potato sounds so good!! I LOVE baked potatos!! And cheese wontons at China Garden?? Never heard of that before but definitely a must try!!!!

Squirrel (Oklahoma, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/1 Didn't tag anyone..short and concise pics though..her pearl oyster bar place she mentioned sounds very top class and interesting..Shrimp En Brochette which is shrimp and aged cheddar cheese wrapped in bacon & crispy fried and topped with black cherry mustard god just the description of it is making me drool liao!

Annie (Oklahoma, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5Chicken Shinitzel at Old Germany!! I vote for that…yummy..and county line and BBQ place!! Haha I’m so hungry now!

Blogarita (Missouri, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Didn't tag anyone and was not tagged either...hope she had fun playing along..Becky's Cafe with the $5 tenderloin already enticed me...what??? so cheap?? so big?? ok me going there definately..The Courthouse Exchange Restaurant sounds like a very nice place too..and woo onion strings....i wonder if it taste like onion rings??hmmm

Jessica (Missouri, USA) :Tagging Efficiency 2/5 fritto misto of calamari and flash fried spinach (with lemon, garlic and grated asiago) sounds deliciously drool worthy for me (Found at Trattoria Marcella)…and Chris Pancake and Dining with their delicious pancake and they even give you freshly baked cookies with the check! Now this is what I call service

Kathy (St. Louis, Missouri, USA) :Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone..a definite pizza lover..2 places mentioned are pizza parlours! And one of them veggie pizzas too…aiks…but woo Blueberry Hill and The Duck Room…haha clubbing place..first person to put a place to club

FlyingFlo (Kansas City, Missouri, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone… Sonic and the blended root beer float sounds absolute tempting to me!!! and wow 3 fast food chain?? haha but I have to admit Mcdonalds, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut are the best around...

Ruhi (Springfield,Missouri, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/5 Amigos sounds like a nice mexican place...a few ppl mentioned Olive Garden before too..must be good...and humus at Boathouse Forest Park sounds so heavenly!!!!!

Neila (Overland Park, Kansas City, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone…Fiorella’s Jack Stack BBQ sounds so good…I think someone who did the tag before said J Alexander was good…and jalapenos too! Tomfooleries and the peanut butter fried chicken salad sounds awesome!

Avitable (Florida, USA):Tagging Efficiency 4/5 A place he mentioned called Toojay’s Deli sounds quite good..a cake with no flour? I wonder what is in it then…and tongue sandwich??? OMG that really sound weird..i wonder what sort of tongue they put there..and cheesecake factory?? That is everybody’s favourite I’m sure!

Madge (West Palm Beach,Florida,USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did not tag anyone..her kitchen is the top place to eat…but The Cottage at Lake Worth sounds awfully nice to me..romantic place to eat with my future boy boy…nice

Chickie (Florida, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/1 Did not tag anyone..A place she mentioned strikes my fancy to the fullest…now where else is better to stuff yourself silly but in Crazy Buffet…chinese and Korean I think since she mentioned kimchi…and wah BBQ and enchiladas….ok texas food sounds good to me..although not in texas

ffbgirl (Florida, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0She did the tag voluntarily..and she didn’t tag anyone…Conestoga seem like a nice place..sound meaty, sound like it have nice ambience??? Who wouldn’t go?? And dragonfly sushi?? You can’t go wrong with sushi!

Doyle (Jacksonville, Florida, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone..all the food mentioned sounds humoungous to me…mongolian cheap!! And Steffans…wow imagine eating until tummy got no space for $5.99 dessert??? UNHEARD OF!

Monkee (Merritt Island, Florida):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 Wow Da Kine Diego's and Frankie Wings sounds like such nice snack places for me..burritos and wings..then I shall go to Thai Thai for a nice sushi wait that should be snack too so I can have Victorios for dinner...:D

Brooke (Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 Wow now I'm so interested in having the eggs benedict at Trina..sounds delicious!!! and heart rock sushi?? haha funny name!

SourPatchBaby (Tampa, Florida, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/3 Taco Bus sounds good to me…love tacos!!! And golden dragon restaurant and pupu platter???

aprilbapryll (Palm Harbor, Florida, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag so much variety of food!!! Mr Souvlaki sounds good…woo and souvlaki with more tzatziki sauve….yumm and saganaki the flaming goat cheese sounds fun! If I ever do make it there I will try Vallarta’s definitely..

SeaBird (Miami, Florida, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone.. Hmm Boater's Grill does sounds good! and woo La Estancia Argentina...filet mignon on baguette sounds so yummy!!!

Doug (Orlando, Florida, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/6 Wow 10 places out of 5? But Smokey Bones sounds cute…dun have that here…and Bubbalou’s Bodacious Bar-b-que? Who ever thought of that name?? sounds so weird!

Sugar Queen's Dream( Palm Coast, Florida,USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 The Meeting Place and their Steak Giambotto sounds heavenly!!! Men I’m drooling just reading the description of it!!! The Bantam Chef sounds like they have good food too!! I’m so jealous!!! The food all sounds so good!

Jintrinsique (Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA):Tagging Efficiency 3/5I seriusly have to say do go see this person blog...she is a pastry chef and the pictures in her other blog is so freaking nice!!! drooling over here dy!! As for places mentioned in her food tag...mmmmm O sounds like a super yummylicious place

Carrie (Land O’Lakes, Wisconsin,USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/3Just did one place which is Bent’s Camp Resort..sounds like a nice summer place to go to….and wow 45 mins away from Mcdonald??? Haha and I thought Mcdonald was everywhere

Kim (Wisconsin, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did not tag anyone… I think someone mentioned Olive Garden before so I presume it is good...but wow Freighthouse and their steak and crab legs sounds divine!!! drool

Dino Aka Katy (Newport News, Virginia, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 very efficient fast got ppl do his tag..haha and wow Czech food in The Monastery…why is it I feel the name of the place does suit the style of food served? First german food mention in the food tag. Das Waldcafe is the place…mmm I love german food too!

Susan (West Virginia, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did not tag anyone.. Unkl Rays sounds like a very unique place..I have no problem with fried food..:D The Char and description about melt in hte mout steak is making me seriusly hungry!!!

woo-woo (Southeast Virginia, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone… Grate Steak looks good...I think I would cook the steak myself though because I enjoy that more...but then again having ppl cook for you is always good too..i think someone who did the tag before mentioned Melting Pot is good..Yummy

Jenileigh (Southwest Virginia,USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/1Olive Garden made the list again!..and wow Outback and their Filet Mignon with Lobster Tail sound so good! And Hamm’s chips with homemade ranch dipping sounds like a nice snack!

The Exception (North Virginia, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/4 Lost Dog Cafe and Stray Cat Cafe sound so CUTE!!! haha unique name..simple food but very cute!! and cofee at Merky's Coffee??? wooo nothing beats a good cup of coffee!!

Gem (Norfolk, Virginia, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 Yum yum La Herradura and the meals with margarita sounds goodie……and seafood at O’Sullivan’s Wharf sounds great!!! And buffet at Rajput? That is my kind of place….Kotobuki and Japanese food!! I Heart Japanese food

Leetie (Fairfax, Virginia, U.S.A.):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone..Texas De Brazil sounds so good…Bacon wrapped filet mignon and the parmesan crusted pork is making me drool!!!! And wow Sweetwater Tavern beer mmmmm

Daphne (Annapolis, Maryland, United States):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Didn't tag anyone..since men this tag go until so fast I also would run out of ppl to tag dy! but wah the place she mention called College Park sound so cool..and the food??!!! HOBO FRIES!!! absolutely need see picture also salivating!

Gorillaboy (Annapolis, Maryland, U.S.):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Didn't tag anyone (he claimed he was revolting!)haha..anyways food wise? The Melting Pot fondue sounds heavenly...with each meal lasting over 2 hour?? mmm 2 hour of heaven!! not too bad eh?? The Annapolis Seafood Market sounds like the fish market in Sydney...mmmmm

Stewie (Naptown, Maryland, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone..mentioned a 24 hour donut joint!! That must be everybody’s favourite..and also a chinese restaurant she doesn’t know the name…buffet style and nice owner who gave her a Christmas gift..loyal customer!

Daffodil Lane (Maryland, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/5wah first person to mention seafood buffet..sounds good to me at Phillips…I seem to recall another person mentioning Bill Bateman so presume that place is good too

Gilly (Maryland, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did not tag anyone… David Chu's sounds good..I alwyas like places which are cheap and huge portions!!! And Trader Joe's wow so many food in one place??!!

johnny dollar's vault (baltimore, maryland, usa):Tagging Efficiency 1/5Prime Ribs looks good…but not as good as that seafood pasta at caesar’s den!! I just want to steal it off the screen right no! and the crabcakes at G&M!! I’m starving now! Nice pictures!

Todd (Louisville, Kentucky, United States):Tagging Efficiency 3/5 There is this seriously yummy looking pizza with heaps of melted cheese on top from Impellizeri's that just made me felt so crazy!!! Yum!!! Woo and Science Hill Inn buffet with their crispy chicken and absolutely nice atmosphere?? What else can you ask for?

Lorie (Hyden, Kentucky, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 A volunteer of the tag…I remember a few tag doers mentioning Applebees before…must be good…and I heart Burger Kings too!!! Yummy place!!!

Ace (Hillsborough, New Jersey, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 Makeda an Ethiopian restaurant sounds interesting..never had Ethiopian food before…sounds very Indian sound to me since lentil is present…Old Man Rafferty’s sounds like a damn cute name for a good old feeling pub..i think he mentioned is a bar/grill…with yummy fat sandwiches…woo

Marisa (South Plainfield, New Jersey, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/3 woo makeda an Ethiopian place sounds so good!! Maybe I the name or something that make me so fascinated..and monkey bay wine?? Woo lala! She also said there is a nice Indian place called Akbar..sounds so mamak to me!!!

Sue (New Jersey, USA):Tagging Efficiency 4/5Ah another PF Chang fan….PJ Whelihan's a place to get yummy boneless buffalo chicken nuggets….wooo sounds good to me!

Slappy (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/5 Spike’s Junkyard Dogs??? Hmmm no worries is just for hot dog!! And wow they have ppl holding records for most hot dogs eaten in 90 minutes?? And girls???? I WANT TO BE PART OF IT!! I LOVE HOT DOGS!!!!

Sonny Morningstar (Cambridge/Boston, MA, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/2This guys description of the place is pretty good..even give a short note on how to get to those “only locals” could this is why I started the tag for! Deluxe Town Diner and their American Wagyu Beef Burger? Enuff said where I must go if I’m there!

Michael (Boston, Massachusets, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/4Mmmm Wright’s Chicken Farm sounds so good..all me can eat chicken??? Haha definiately a place for me…and Baxter’s?? so many seafood!!!! Boiled lobster..with butter??!! Scallps??? Clams? Shrimp!! Arghhh so hungry!!! And Ronnie’s sounds good too..nothing beats a good tartar sauce…

Robin (Massachusetts, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 JP O’Hanlons an Irish pub made it to her top 5….mmmm I like irish pubs too…Bueno Y Sano looks a good Mexican place around that area for those of you interested!

Frankie (Massachusetts, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5Firstly oh my god his description of sundae with peanut butter on top at The Hut is making me so hungry now…and The Hanger wow I definitely need to try this place if me around there..the afterburner sounds tempting!

Mikey Mud (Brookline, MA, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/5yeh another person who put Korean food in the top5…Café Han River..haha..and first time I heard a pub not having guiness Draft!! So not pub in Matt Murphy Pub!!! Ocean Wealth a chinese restaurant…ok authentic enuff if it doesn’t serve fortune cookies!

Stephanie (Massachusetts, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 You really can’t go wrong with Japanese food..oishii sushi sounds so good…and Olives with their ever changing menu…yummmm

Monstro D. Whale (Northampton, Massachussets, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 Zoe's Fish and Chop House with their Lobster Jumbalaya is like wow...I want to try that too now!!! Dunkin Donuts and KFC??? they are everyone's favourite place I'm sure!

Evey (Boston, Massachussets, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 Did 6 instead of 5 places..but atleast most of them had pictures for us to enjoy.. Kiku Yama Teppanyaki Steak House looks yummy..I love japanese food!!!

Motormouth (New England, Massachussets, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/5That is a lot of chain restaurants!! haha but I still love my burger king..and moshi moshi sounds like a nice jap place to go to!!

MizMouthy (Leominster, Massachussets, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone… Barber's Crossing and their clam chowder sounds so yummy!!! and free popcorn?? so nice!!! I've never tried watermelon margaritas before..must go to The Border Grille and try!!!

Kate (David Square, Massachusetts, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/1 Mmm cheese enchiladas at Ruby’s sounds yummy and with margaritas too!!! Zaftigs for a restaurant name sound weird…but the food sounds good..potato pancakes!!!

Lee Ann (Birmingham, Alabama, United States):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 From Carrabbas Italian Grill, she recommended mozzarella marinara which is mozzarella coated with Italian breadcrumb lightly fried and serve with marinara sauce….yes I’m drooling already looking at her description!!! And she link each restaurants so have fun drooling!

Sassy (North Alabama, USA):Tagging Efficiency2/5 Mmm lasagne at Totino’s Pizzeria sounds really good and the to die for fajitas at Guadalajara Grill is making me real hungry

Leigh (Birmingham, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 Bento and Kobe sounds like very nice japanese place!! I want to try those too!

Mandalyn (Alabama, USA):Tagging Efficiency 5/5Ah Olive Garden made the list again in this food tag! IHOP looks so good…I am craving for pancakes now!! And the sandwich at Schlotzsky’s looks amazing!

Wander (Arkansas, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/3 yes another fellow meat eater!! And wow breakfast buffet for less than 5 dollar at Kelly Wyatts Restaurant?? Do they have a chain somewhere??!!!

CrazyWorkingMom (Arkansas, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 Lovely pics!!! The chicken alfredo at olive garden look so good…and casa brava and the enchiladas?! Heaven!

Tits McGee (New England, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 Very good because she did try her best to tag ppl with geographical difference!! Hope this tag goes further…woo a korean place made it to her top 5!! Yeh!!

Lynda (Indiana, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/4 I seem to recall someone else also saying PF Chang is good chinese place to eat…cracker barrel sounds like a homey place to have thanksgiving too!!

Tom (Charlestown, Indiana , USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/2 Mmmm 24 hour Waffle & Steak?? 2 of the bestest food around…yummy!Golden Corral and their desert bar sounds good too!!! Cakes and icecream girl’s best friend! And white castle 40 cents square burger sounds cute!!

Lisa (Indianapolis, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 The Rathskeller sounds like they have very yummy german food..and I love beer too!!! German beer are so good! Capri Restaurant and the bread with pasto sounds good,…and such nice ambience too!

Not That Desperate (Minneapolis, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/4The Birchwood Café mentioned sounds like a nice Sunday hangout place for me (apart from my bed)…but woo pumpkin waffles…now you don’t get there everywhere and anywhere else because this is the first time I’ve heard of it!

Eye of the Goof (Eau Claire, WI/Minneapolis, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag High Shores Supper Club is my place!! A place with lots of meat is always good!!!Mona Lisa’s sounds so nice!! The way that was described sounds like eating at an art gallery…the décor must be excellent…and Moscow on the Hill sounds nice with crepes!! Wooo..and La Belle Vie and seared foie gras sounds good!

Heather (Ohio, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 Cap City a traditional style diner strikes me..I always love all this simple places with yummy hearthy food…and the “seriously big chocolate cake” just make me want to go there straight! Like who can resist a big chocolate cake that the writer takes 3 sittings to finish it??? I CAN’T!

Jennyjinx (Ohio, U.S.A.):Tagging Efficiency 0/5Have I ever told you I have a weakness for steak sandwich?? So must definitely go to Rockne’s!! BUT I HAVE A BIGGER WEAKNESS FOR ROOTBEER (@ The Rootbeer Stand) with heaps and heap of icecream!!! Arghhhh

Tera (Ohio, USA):Tagging Efficiency 3/5 Ahh I seem to recall someone mentioning Olive Garden before….must try that when I have the chance…and wah so many restaurants…more than 5.TGI Friday’s even made the list…woo hoo

Nina (Cleveland Area, Ohio, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 Did I tell you guys how much I love cheesecake??? Cheesecake factory made it to the list again..woo hoo!!!

Janeen (Cleveland, Ohio USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/5The Wright Place and their yummy sounding wings!!! Wow imagine stuffing yourself up with delicious wings…mmmm

Seiche (Cleveland, Ohio, USA):Tagging Efficiency1/4 I believe Brasa Grill would also be my heaven if I live there!! Oh my god the picture of the meat there looks so yummy and tender and juicy!!! Drool!!! And Blue Pointe Grill looks so good too!!! The oysters...SO BIG!

jenomena (Columbus, Ohio, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did not tag anyone…and what?? Bubble tea and Mongolian BBQ was thought about but no made cut…me sad..hehe but PF chang made the list once again woo and amul India sounds like yummy Indian place

Mom Tu-Tu (Ohio, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone…Olive Garden made the list again…and mmmm bbq ribs at The Grub Steak..I’m drooling now just thinking about it..woo and breakfast at Bob Evans sounds gorgeous!

Julie (New Philadephia, Ohio, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 Big Jim’s Burgers N More looks like a very nice homely sort of place....and woo all you can eat oriental buffet at Empire Buffet...definately my style!

Eternally Curious (Bennett, Colorado, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/7This person is sure tagging a lot of ppl around the world..which is good so hope this tag can go further! And seriously who can resist Portillo’s with their Italian beef, Italian sausage and Italian meatball…men now all I can think in my head is a cow!! And how I’m that hungry that I could eat a whole cow! She had a very great description of all place so definite must read

Tug (Hell, Colorado, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 One place he mentioned strikes me..The Egg & I?? wow a whole restaurant dedicated to egg!! Mmm egg Benedict!! Yummy Yummy!

Jeff (Colorado, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/5Best burgers in town in City Grille!!! Wah now my mouth is really watering for a nice hearthy meat meat meat meal!Beau Jo’s sounds like a nice pizza joint!!! They give you honey for your crust and you treat that as dessert?! Owwww

Diana (Longmont, Colorado, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 Martini's Bistro sounds so good!! nothing beats a place with yummy dessert and cocktails!!! the atmosphese looks god too!!

Jesser (Denver, Colorado, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/3 Wow The Huckleberry sounds very typical american..must try that place if you guys are near there…and Indian buffet and Yak and Yeti??? Wonderful!

Slave to the dogs (Denver, Colorado, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone… Lime sounds good to me..homemade tequila??? with tortilla chips and salsa??! now that is what I call ENJOY!

Marilyn (Alamosa, Colorado, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone… Cavillos sounds like nice Mexican food..haha and supper after Cavillos at Oscar’s next door sounds so cool! If I dun over stuff myself that is

Chris (Nashville, Tennessee, United States):Tagging Efficiency 0/2 wow this person just said 2 place that has been mentioned in this tag so far…cracker barrel and panera bread…haha there is this place he mentioned called Bar B Cutie…owww so cute!!!!!!!!

Tiny Cat Pants (Nashville, Tennessee, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone…2 fast food restaurant chain made it here…Wendy’s and Jack In The Box….

John Hutcheson (Salemtown,Nashville, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did not tag anyone.. wow instead of 5 places there are 7 yummy places!!! Mothership BBQ sounds very good and tempting...and 2 sushi places??? now I'm seriusly starting to drool..Cafe Marche and brunch sounds good to me!!

Slartibartfast (Nashville, Tennessee, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did not tag anyone.. Calypso Cafe and their BBQ Chicken Black Bean Nachos is making me real hungry now!!!I really want to taste that now..sound so unique.. and Bobbie’s Dairy Dip sound like a very traditional sort of place....would go there if me around there

Roadchick (Nashville, Tennessee, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did not tag anyone.. OMG a 24 hour Waffle House??? That sounds like a place for me!!! Frank's Hamburger sounds good too...nothing beats a nice cheeseburger!! be it fancy or not fancy

I Am DisHeartened by My Jetta (Nashville, Tennessee, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 Virago and sushi and martinis?? Must go!! I heart sushi and martini!!! and Jasmine a fusion of french and thai food sounds good! very unique

The Biscuit Blog (Nashville, Tennessee, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/5 Wooo burritos sounds good at Baja....and I think someone mentioned Rumours before...sounds places that change menu occasionally..and Sole Mio? wow must think of going to that place...

Joe (Morristown, Tennessee, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5Nama sushi bar sounds good to me…and haha Tomato Head Restaurant? Sounds like a nice Italian pizza joint..but tomato head? Isn’t that what you call someone oh you tomato head?

10K Monkeys (Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 Aretha Frankenstein??? Hmmmm sounds so cute name I wonder how related is it to Aretha Franklin? Another fan of PF Chang…And woo Mojo Burrito??? Must try..sounds like mojo jojo from powerpuff girls…

Bond (Memphis, Tennessee, USA):Tagging Efficiency 3/5 5 places….so many meat!!! From steaks to ribs to OMG BBQ!!! Yummy..The butcher Shop wow I would have thought that is a normal butcher..but they serve espresso??? Haha yummy

Lynnster (Memphis, Tennessee, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 Paulette’s sounds good for those that can wake up for pancakes and crepes..but no worries they are open too beyond breakfast…and Rendezvous and Corky’s for nice BBQ ribs..yummy….both places..ribs…wet or dry…does it matter?? They all sound good to me!

Lean Left (tgirsch) (Memphis, TN, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/1 I think someone mentioned 3 Little Pigs BBQ before....yummy BBQ is alwys good..Oysters at the Half Shelf sounds amazing and cheap....and dry ribs at Corky's?? wooo sounds finger licking good

Sadie (Memphis, Tennessee, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 I would love to go to Huey’s and try their burgers and big fat steak fires!! And Garibaldi’s sound so good!! Definitely must go there if I have the chance

Big Stupid Tommy (Athens, Tennessee, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/5Woo Legends and the hella –messy hamburger sounds so good!!! Sounds super duper meaty

Newscoma (Weakley County, Tennessee, USA):Tagging Efficiency 5/5 Firstly all you cat steaks for $ 9.99?? how to miss that??!!! It is at Damron’s BBQ..and Hearth….lemon Ice Box Pie..a pie that is cold??? That sound so different…I want!!!

Jillbe (Tennessee, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Another volunteer who did the meme…haha she got this meme from another volunteer!! Woo hoo… I think someone who did the tag before mentioned Crazy Tomato as a good place...and as cute the name Laughing Seed sounds to me guess that is not a place for me since I'm not a vegetarian (infact I'm the total opposite)..and the desserts mentioned??? i'm drooling all over my keyboard now! Too bad is not really a place to go to!!!!

Russ McBee (Knoxville, Tennessee, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5Anyone wants to go Cha-Cha??? Tapas food there…looks good men! And Chesapeakes? Clam Chowder???!!! Sounds so hearthy and good!!! And duck at La Costas?? mmmm

Inn of the Last Home (Knoxville, Tennessee USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/6 Olive Garden made the list again..this place myst be real good...and Litton's?? I'm drooling just thinking about their jumbo hot dog and their hamburgers...I think I would just starve myself the whole day jsut so that I can go there and get both of making a decision!

Mark Steel (Knoxville, Tennessee, USA):Tagging Efficiency 3/5 Chesapeake’s Seafood sounds great...want to try the mussels and the lobsters!!! and their CHEESECAKE!!! YUMMY.. and indian buffet at Sitar??? I'm seriusly hungry now!

Swanky (Knoxville, Tennessee, USA):Tagging Efficiency 3/5 Very well advertisement for Dixson's BBQ becos I'm like drooling for a big pigburger now!! and with onions??!!! Putting the number there on my phone in preparation for any plans to there is future! King Tuts sound really good too...nicely done

Tish (Knoxville, Tennessee, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 I heart A&W too!!!! rootbeers are so good..especially with yummy ice cream inside...rootbeer float!!! droooll...and local secret of Frussies Deli...must try that if me around there

Mushy’s Moochings (Knoxville, Tennessee. USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/5Ah another PF Chang visitor..:D Bone Fish and their bang bang shrimp sounds so good!!! SPIEDINO DI MARE at carraba Italian grill looks so good I’m myself getting hungry now!!

Finnspace (Springfield, Tennessee, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/3 Now I really want to try Catfish!! everyone seems to be mentioning that...and Courthouse Cafe? I think someone who did the tag before did mention that..guess is a must try!!

Scout (Weakley County, Tennessee, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/5 Wow so many restaurants and so nice decripction....I'm going to short circuit my keyboard reading the decription of Wimpy’s Corner Greenfield and one pound full of beef burger??!! that sound so MEATY!!! good for carnivorous like me!!Baroque Dicks would always be good for me..nothing beats a nice coffee

Oh Really? Lisa Kay(Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA):Tagging Efficiency 3/5 Hot Bagel Co?? wish Sydney have a nice bagel shops...can't find any nice ones here! and Firehouse subs looks very very good!!!!

CitizenNetmom (Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 Razzleberry Ice Cream Lab makes a meal for cream...woo..and Riverview Grill....steaks and beers would make it for me too....and top up with nice yummy ice cream!!!

Atomictumor (Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/5aiks no explanation at all…so have to click on the provided links for pictures..but the Meditarannean does look like a nice place for a good meal…

LeBlanc (Lewisburg, Tennessee, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 Peking Buffet actually sound like my cup of tea...although it rated lowly on health department...I think I will still risk it..haha there is no gain without pain..:D

Neal (Blount Co, Tennessee):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 Wow beer and pizza at Pizza Palace sounds very enjoy!!! Not much description but atleast there is 5 places to go to if we are around there

SayUncle (Blount Co., Tennessee):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone…but 2 of the blog readers did the tag.. Hip hip hurray for Kaya...korean food are so yummy! and pork bulgogi too!! yum!! I must go to Murphy’s Wings and Ale if me around there..nothing beats a nice old fashion pub food and beer..and cheap one too!

Shots Across The Bow (Kodak, Tennessee, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone… Ye Old Steakhouse sounds good! and mandarin House chinese buffet?? sounds like a place for me..I think someone mentioned Melting Pot before...must try that place..sounds good!

Sonya (Tennessee, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/3 I think someone mentioned Crazy Tomato before…sounds good!and I have this craving for BBQ now looking at your Dixie BBQ description…and 2 mexican place?? Yummy!

Amber (Henderson, Tennessee, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 Bell’s Drive in sounds like a place for me…hamburgers!! And Snookum’s Steakhouse?! Open only 3 days?!! Must be definitely very worth it!

Nick (Wichita, Kansas, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/5LESBIAN SANDWICH BAR @ The Artichoke??? he know? What I taste like??? Yen Ching supposedly has the best chinese food out of China..woo and Red Robin with their peppercorn burger? Mmmm making my mouth water

Jennifer (Pennsylvania, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/3 woo hoo I’ve been to 3 places out of the 5 mentioned…since those are chained places like Chili’s, Friday’s and even Pizza Hut….I have to agree with her choice since I do love those 3 places…

Webmiztris (Pennsylvania, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did not tag anyone and did not even link anyone…found her site from one of the comments tab..Sakura a Japanese place sounds good for their hibatchi steaks…hmmm wonder what it taste like…yumm

Sebastian (Langhorne, Pennsylvania, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone… 4 out of the 5 places mentioned has alcohol involved!!! haha now I have this craving for beers and margaritas! some more from all over...Isaac Newton's burger sounds good..very unique...

CuriosityKiller (New York City, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/02nd time do the tag leh..obviously no more tagging ppl…wah but I want to go Nobu now!!!They serve kobe beef!! Yummy yummy yummy!!but so cute that they provide a Next Door Nobu due to popular demands!! If I ever do go to New York you can be sure I’m making a 2 month prior booking!!!

Luin (New York, USA):Tagging Efficiency 3/5Wow can I just say that this person really describes her food well…all 5 of the place she choosed are top notch…pricey but so tempting…But no fear Gray’s Papaya is cheap cheap cheap hot dog

heather (Upstate New York, USA):Tagging Efficiency 3/5Hmm she put a really good idea the reverse of the tag and put in the top 5 place we boycott..haha..anyways texas roadhouse grill sounds good..but not as good as J&R diner with their homemade best apple pie!!! YUM!!!!

Raquel (New York,USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 Wow Amsterdam Avenue looks like a great street to be at!! so many yummy sounding food!!! I can imagine the drooling happening in front of Josie's! Cafe Mozart and their Vanilla Bean French Toast sounds great!! Yummy

Steven (New York City, New York, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 Mmmm Mormoto sounds great! By an Iron Chef too! And with cocktails?? Heaven!! Pastis sounds good too…love French food!

Robin (Poughkeepsie, New York, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/5 Le Petit Bistro sounds good…I love French food..the place there sounds so exquisite and special! And Indian food at Tanjour.. iso love India food! Busy Bee café and Alternative Baker sounds so nice!! Pastries..and lemon cakes..yum..

Ordinary Folk (Nowheresville, New York, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/4 Woo ChinaMoon story sounds scary. But I doubt they serve cats in place of chicken...Ho Ho buffet sounds like a place for buffets...And Quiznos Subs..mmmm it actually sounds more appetizing compared to Subway

Alicia(Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 Woo lala voted the best Hot & Sour Soup of USA??!! Like what else excuse can you have for not going to Happy’s Chinese Restaurant??!!!

Sandra (Idaho, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 Wow Chili’s again! Some ppl who did the tag before mentioned it…and outback steakhouse too!! Yummy…burgers and fries sounds good at red robin…1 one of blog readers did the tag too..

Kara (Idaho, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 Mmm French toast combo at Denny’s sounds good..hha and applebees again…

EvilScienceChick (Decatur, Georgia, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did not tag anyone..Top Spice sounds like a very asian place…with beef rendang too!! YUMM!!! And burritos at Raging Burrito sounds good..sounds like a staple food around there

Momsgoneloony (Brooklet, Georgia,USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 Stilson Café and their cheeseburgers sounds good..and yummy japenese food at Nikko…woo and pancakes at IHOP! So hungry

Amber Rhea (Atlanta, Georgia, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone..the places mentioned look so good!!! The pictures from crescent moon looks good!

Rootietoot (Statesboro, Georgia, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 Sushi at Nikko’s Japanese Restaurant sounds really good..The description of food at The Cedars is enough for me to shortcircuit my keyboard with drool!!!! The lady and Sons in Savannah arghhh I’m so hungry right now!!! Fried chicken!! Yummy

Jersey Chick (Atlanta, Georgia, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/4 Frank’s sounds realy good...grilled pork chops..yummmy..the Latin Zone sounds really good too...the place looks quite nice from the website....

Joe the Troll (Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did not tag anyone..very long description of places for you to drool about..Crazy Fish sounds good for a nice Japanese style eating..and Buca Di Beppo…wow so much food served???? You tell me how not to go there?

Michelle (New Mexico, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5Memories and their baked potato soup sounds yummy and hearthy..Outback steakhouse and applebees I think is everyone's favourite..a lot of people mentioned those places too!

Induced Homomorphism (Graduate school, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/1 Firstly as much as you can drool over his food choices, everything and I mean everything is anonymous!! No name of the place he is in no name of restaurants! How to go???? But read for the enjoyability :D

Vegas Princess (Nevada, Las Vegas, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5Buffalo Wild Wings?? Haha yummy chicken wings….owww why can’t we have those sort of things here??? And original pancake house and chocolate chip pancakes??? I’m just drooling to the max thinking about it..and I just had dinner too!!!

JoeInVegas (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone…but one of the blog reader did this… Lone Star Steak House is always good....I rememebred they had a chain in Sydney once and I thought it was good...

LVGurl (Las Vegas, Nevada, United States):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone..Woo Simon sounds good!! And by a chef that actually beat the Iron Chef before…Must definitely try this place out…Mon Ami Gabi sounds seriously sounds very good too!!! But wooo TAO and their food…wooooo Mongolian scallion chicken..yum

Regal (Connecticut, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did not tag anyone.. Tre Scalini has like the best dessert menu I've ever seen!!! I so wish I am there but I'm like accross the ocean from there!!! and Olympia Diner...looks like a cool hangout place!!!

Jennisa (South Dakota, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0Did not tag anyone… Wow another Olive Garden!! This place must be good! Applebee and their fried chicken salad sounds good (maybe minus the salad for me) and Fajita Ranchera Burrito at qdoba??? YUMMM!!!

Mopfog (Montana, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/4 Mmmm Ruby's sounds good to me..nothing beats an old fashion toast with butter and sausages and bacon!!! and I really want to try the BLT's mentioned!! all sounds hearthy!!!!

Osbasso (Helena, Montana, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/5 Wow Brewhouse Pub and Grill sounds good...there must be lots of neat beers there...yummy..and OMG OMG A&W??? I love that place!! the root beer float there with extra ice cream is HEAVEN!! too bad they dun have a chain in sydney

DW (South East, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone…But one of the blog readers did it...Wow 5 local places and 5 not local..great idea!! Goody Goody Omelet House and their $3 can get me anywhere meal sounds good! and Somthing's Fishy seafood platter of scallops, oysters and shrimp sounds good!! I like mine fried!! YUMMY

Mr Cherry (Roseburg, Oregon, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone…Fried Egg on burger at McMenamins sounds yummy!! I love those...adds an extra zing in my burger!! mmm and tiramisu at Anthony's Italian?? yummy!

Ruby (New Orleans, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/6 Never heard of chicken fondue before so now I really want to go try it at Big Daddy's..Baked lobsters and creme brulee at Fred's Not Here sounds so yummy!! and tiramisu at Verona's? I'm so hungry now!!

Noladawn (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5 Sun Ray Grill sounds good..bangkok chicken? Sounds good! Woo and oysters at Emeril’s Delmonico? heavenly

Kailani (Honolulu, Hawaii, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone…two of the blog readers did it.. Kincaids Fish, Chop & Steak House and their prime rib and creme brulee sound so heavenly!!! woo must try Ono's since I've never really heard or tried hawaian food before

NPR Junky (Wilmington, Delaware, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/5Dome does looks very nice…Must try the black and white malts at the Charcoal Pit if me can…and cheesesteak eggrolls at Iron Hill?? YUMM!!! Where Pigs Fly sounds so cute for a place..haha

Mike's Musings (Lewes, Delaware, USA):Tagging Efficiency 1/5Nicole’s Pizza?? Haha ok I’m so going there if I can..must support anyone named Nicole..:D wooo Tokyo Steakhouse sounds super good too!!! Striper Bites name looks cute…atmosphere looks good too

That’s Elbert With An ‘E’ (Laurel, Delaware, USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone..Bon Appetit Restaurant looks like a really nice place....I quite like the ambience looking of it....

Jake (Ontario, California, USA):Tagging Efficiency 2/2 urmm not too sure where he is from…some ppl before did mention in n out burger and applebees….yummy….BJ’s Pizza & Brewery sounds good to..bbq chicken pizza!! I’m so hungry!

dame (Southeastern United States):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone..Five Star Day Cafe and their food sounds so good...with the extensive menu mentioned I can’t decide which one I want more! Bahama Mama’s Kitchen sounds so nice too!! Very authentic homemade food sounding!

Jeff (Around USA):Tagging Efficiency 0/0 Did not tag anyone..and did it at the comment section...basically the places mentioned looks quite good...Clio I thought look like a very nice atmosphere place..and haha Space Needle sounds so weird for a restaurant name...but cute!

So that is it guys for the food tag..sorry if I missed anyone out!! I did try looking!! if you want your blog listed here just send me a message!! and once again thanks everyone for doing the tag!! I had fun drooling!! and future holiday destination??!! SO MANY!! I NEED MORE $$$


L B said...

Haha!! Well done you! That's nice of you to do such a neat rundown of the TAG!! And I am amazed I got 5/5!!! Woohooo!!! Thank you again, for coming up wirth this cool tag in the first place..

PinkPanther said... a LONG food lists. Good Job, Nichole.

I'll get back to you and recommend you some nice food shops in Macau.:-)

see ya then.

Nicole Tan said...

LB: haha yeah very efficient tagging!! and I believe in finishing what i started..hehe or pray I can atleast read everything!

pinkpanther: I know!! I think that would explain my extreme hunger this past few weeks...haha can't wait to hear back from you about Macau food!!!! portugese!!!

Chen said...

hehehe, well done for compiling everything :) Must bookmark this page liao.. :D

Nicole Tan said...

chen: thank u thank u

PinkPanther said...


Though Macau has been returned to PRC, but it’s still a mix-culture city and maintains lots of unique Portuguese buildings, food.

If you will come for a visit on June, let me recommend you the following restaurants for your reference.

Portuguese food:
1) Henri’s Galley (located in Macau Peninsula)
A series of mouthwatering true Macau specialities’ that includes “Fried Spicy Prawn with Salad”; “Curry Fresh Crab”, “African Chicken”; “stir fried clams”.

2) Panda Portuguese Restaurant (located in Taipa island)
Worth to taste typical Portuguese cuisine in here, as it has classic European ambience and lively English songs. Their famous dishes are: “Roasted Macalhau”, “Roasted US baby ribs”; “Macalhau Potato silk”; “Fried Codfish cakes”.

Chinese food:
3) Fat Siu Lau restaurant:
For over 100 years of history, a Macanese culinary landmark restaurant. They highly promote “Grilled Prawns” which is fresh, tender tiger prawns sautéed in a garlic butter sauce with a touch of spice and “Superb Roasted Pigeon“ are the same delicious.

Time to find some snacks or dessert now
4) Margaret's Cafe & Nata
Egg tart is one of the hottest snacks in here.
5) Caravela
A cosy coffee shop that serves cakes and pastries with "real" Portuguese coffee.

Simple American said...

It was a fun tag. Come and visit Texas. Bring your cousin. I got spare room. We can eat eat eat. Even go dim sum too.

And Jane in Bangkok is great. Very friendly gal. I am certain she would be happy to show you around. Need an introduction? But got to hurry as she may be going to US for her Masters degree.

Nicole Tan said...

pink panther: I'm so hungry...will definatley find those places..thank you thank you veli much!!!

simple american: haha glad you have fun..visit texas with cuz?? no worries will do so one!!!

and hmmm I should talk to jane more then...and is June fast enuff to go there before she go US?? cuz and I have our tickets all ready for june!!!

SiamJai said...

Hi Nicole, glad to see you like the kurtos kalacs pic. It's really as yummy as it looks like! :-)

Sorry about not tagging anyone - I would if I weren't the isolated blogger that I am! ^_^

Anyway, thanks for the tag and for checking us out! :-)

Nicole Tan said...

siamjai: the kurtos kalacs does look really yum!! is alrite about the tagging as long as you had fun me happy too!!!

Simple American said...

I dunno. I suspect she would start school late August. So maybe. Let me know I can introduce you.

Leonard said...

i was tagged to do this slightly more than 1 month ago..

finally did it, check it out and add me to the list??

haha...have a nice weekend!

may said...

and my score is... N/A! hahaha! actually if I do tag anyone, it'd be all in KL, since the bloggers from other countries I know have already done it. how? how? tag you with your own tag again? kekeke!

Nicole Tan said...

May: you haven't tag anyone yet ma..and hehe now that you reminded me i forgot to put the score!! haha damn I seriusly need to be a bit more alert!!! but it was 2am!

doggy mama said...

Oh, so cool!! Fun to see my blog on here! I will try to get more people to do it... I was just too exhausted to tag anyone the night I did mine! Great meme!

Nicole Tan said...

doggy mama: haha no worries..just tell me or velverse if someone new do the tag..will update the list as much as possible..thanks for doing the meme

Lotus Reads said...

Hi, Nicole!

Thank you so much for starting this wonderful tag and for providing feedback on how it's going.

A 1000 apologies for not linking to you...not sure how that happened, will do so right away!

One of my respondants in Dubai has also completed her tag. She is Radha from, but I don't think she's linked to anyone in her post. Will tell her to do so.

Great blog!

Nicole Tan said...

Lotus reads: :D dun worry about it...haha I'm already more than happy the tag went so far!!! please do tell me if anyone new does the tag...I will get to it asap..haha after reading Radha blog, I need to go get something to eat!! arghh

Radha said...

Hey, great job putting this update together :-)
I just have to visit this page everytime Im travelling and I can find the best restaurants in all cities ! :-)

lulu said...

This was fun! I am going to have a great time looking at all these blogs!

These people have all played too.

lulu said...

and another...

deadspot said...

If you like your restaurant reviews with plenty of rambling, here's mine:

Urbana, Illinois, USA.

Johnny Yen tagged me.

Nicole Tan said...

radha: that is the whole idea of the tag..hope you had fun

lulu: thanks so much for telling me..i would have missed those out...

deadspot: righty oh saw your post...nicely done..and you were right with the rambling..haha but nice ones!

Dino aka Katy said...

Al righty - first of I am a Girl second Bubs is a guy! Thanks for adding me I will link you to the tag post so people can link back to you

PS saw your countdown where are you now?

Bubs said...

katy beat me to it, but yes, I am a dude. A dude who likes to eat and waste time on the interweb.

Thanks for starting this out!

Nicole Tan said...

dino aka katy: so sorry for mixing you head was sort of fixated on the food I forgot your gender :P I am currently in Sydney but soon soon to be on holiday!! woo hoo

bubs: oops sorry again...but your blog made me think of food only...and now I'm currently 24 hours hungry!! other thing no matter..haha and I started this because I wanted to tag ppl rather than to be was fun!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Great idea for a meme, Nicole! It was loads of fun to yack about food and a lovely way to get introduced to people from all around the world.

I have finally had one player:

John -

Since he runs a strictly book blog, he did the meme in his comments.

Bubs said...

You can add Mob from Dear Bastards

He just responded to his tag also

Nicole Tan said...

barbara & bubs: THANKS SO MUCH!!!

Marisa L. B. said...

Great idea! I had a lot of fun with this one. You can add me! I'm Marisa from NJ, USA!

Lee Ann said...

Very cool!
Thanks for adding me. I will let you know if any of my tags post it.

Jill said...

Thansk for the addy. I have updated my post to include 2 tags.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hi Nicole,

You can now add Danny as well.

Nicole Tan said...

Marisa: Added! thanks for doing the tag

Lee Ann: Thanks so much...keep me updated

Jill: dun forget to tell me if any of your babies do the tag

barbara: going into it right now!

Bluepaintred said...

I would LOVE to say a few things

number one, I have never ever met a blogger who started an actual meme! so this is way cool,

number two, i really enjoyed being tagged and doing the meme, it was awesome

number three, omg the linky love that this meme has generated, being linked in all of those posts has really really imporved my google scores, I only wish I had done this on more than one of my blogs to get it linked too!

Number four, avitable (USA) is a male, not a female


number five, you are so cool to have linked us yet again in this post, adnn from what i have seen you have gone to each blog who has done it and left a comment, THAT was a really great touch

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Nicole Tan said...

bluepaintred: thanks for the longest comment eva!!

1) thanks men! I actually started this meme because I keep getting tagged!!! and for once I need to tag ppl before they tag me!! (psst psst between u and me, the only person who always tag me is velverse...REVENGE!)

2)Glad to have fun doing the meme

3)to tell you the truth I never knew there was all this linking score going on until after a month i started the meme...welcome to Nicole's world of IT dummie! but glad your score is going up!

4)I really shoud not assume ppl's gender!! this is the 3rd time someone pointed this out!! I'M SORRY PPL!!!

5)yeah I link everyone so that other ppl can see where to go...let's just say is good to keep a might come in useful for travellers (aka me!ahem) and I do try to leave comments in all the blogger who did the tag so they know I do read them and appreaciate it (and also to tell myself after reading more than 100 that I've read it and link it! dun want to miss anyone!!)

you have a good weekend too!! and thanks for leaving such a sweet note!!!

Joe Powell said...

Hey Nicole -

wanted to mention that one of my fave places was a Korean restaurant in Knoxville, which sadly went out of biz, or it would have been on my list. the menu was seriously good and their buffets on Sundays was incredible. a friend just told me a new place w/ Korean cuisine just opened so i hope to go there this weekend.

and yeah, Tomato Head -- funky name, but it's full of hippies and art exhibits and live music and lotsa microbrews. its in the heart of downtown Knoxville and a great place to meet friends and just enjoy the day.

Anonymous said...

Could you amend the list for my inclusion, thanks.

Vegas Princess said...

Hi there! I did your restaurant meme that got from my friends Jen and Carly. Here is my link to my post! Thanks for creating such a cool idea.

Nicole Tan said...

Joe Powell: thans so much for playing!! had fun reading

Ad: done!! thanks for playing too

vegas princess: thanks so much for playing and glad you enjoyed it! and thanks for updating me!! because I woul have miss a whole lot of you if it was not for you

Evey said...

Hey there. I have done this meme and here is the link to the post:)

What a fun idea to keep track of it all.

Ralphd00d said...

Just did this today - add to the stats ...

Mark Base said...

Another London one - Clarissa from I Love The Smoke:

That brings my tagging efficiency up! Hurrah!

JoeinVegas said...

Wow! What's more impressive is your ability to keep adding people to this list. Now I have to go back to my reviews and add some more comments, maybe photos.

Mark Base said...

Chewck this one out too!

Nicole Tan said...

evey: thanks for doing the tag!!! hope you had fun

ralphdood: thanks for being part of hte stats..:D

markbase: wow another one from you? haha next time I want to tag ppl I should tag you!! :D

joeinevegas: adding ppl to the list is not that bad..just a little time me some reason to slack off work :D and if you do put some comments or photos let me know!! i want to drool too!!!

Tish said...

Thought you might want to know about this. Our local newspaper has a weekend section called "What They're Blogging About This Weekend" and they give links to local blogs. Your food meme made it in! Quite a few Knoxville bloggers filled it out. Here's the link.,1406,KNS_347_5557116,00.html

Nicole Tan said...

tish: I just saw it thanks so much!!! and I'm so happy it imade it in..but they called me a woman?! haha

TopChamp said...

I think your meme has perhaps morphed. I tagged 4 people, and 3 of them have played I think. You've linked to 2 of them already(Queenie/UK and Kailani/USA).

The other was:

The rules have changed a bit so I can't really tell whether this is supposed to be your meme, or a copycat.

Jen said...

are you going to do anymore memes
id play along for sure
in fact im going to bookmark your blog just in case you do:)

Nicole Tan said...

topchamp: haha nah I think is the same meme...shouldn't be copy cat! and I have corrected your tagging points..:D thanks

jen: me doing any more memes? haha well if someone tag me I'll play along and tag you too..and tell you :D but for now shouldn't be designing any more memes..I'm already having a hard time keeping up with this one!

Kristin said...

Additional updates from Sacramento, CA:, Fairfax, VA: and Christchurch, NZ:

This was SUCH a great idea. It's been fun!

Jess said...

Just did this, Nicole, thanks!

Nicole Tan said...

jess: aiks you did?? what is your url?

Julia said...

I only have two friends who blog, and one of them already tagged me... but I finally did write up the restaurants I frequent, which are sure to disappoint Evette's romantic hopes. My new hubby and I haven't really gone out to eat lately, except on our honeymoon, and my fave place closed down!

Where Julia likes to eat

B&B said...

Hi there! We are a food blog based in Brisbane, Australia, and we'd love to be on that cool list of yours! Here's our details:

Eat Brisbane

Pls let us know if theres anything else we need to do!

Mel said...

Hi! I was tagged by Jess from Ripe London. Please add me to your fantastic list. Thanks!

New Yorkshire Pudding (London, England)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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